Pint Glass

Why we love lager

Why we love lager

By Robyn Black

It is not overstating the case to say that standard lager is the most important pint you pull and glass you pour in your pub.

Industry bigwigs rush to be seen with the pub trade's new poster boy

Sinking pints with the Chancellor and beer industry bigwigs

By Snifter

Snifter lifted many pints in celebration of the beer duty escalator scrap and a penny off a pint at the Westminster Arms last night, with none other than the Chancellor George Osborne (well, along with many others at the same party).

Weekend of celebration: The Otley Pub Club has renamed every pub in the town the Queen Elizabeth

Diamond Jubilee: Pubs at centre of the celebrations

The pub industry will be joining in with the celebrations this weekend as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The Publican’s Morning Advertiser takes a look at what pubs and others within the trade are doing to celebrate Her Majesty’s special weekend.

Steve Haslam: 'Plenty of opportunities left to maximise profit'

Looking forward to the green shoots of spring

By Steve Haslam

First of all, happy new year to everybody and hopefully it was a great Christmas for you. But we know what follows now — back to the reality of the January blues.

Mark Daniels: 'It's all about customer choice'

Head: are you giving too much?

By Mark Daniels

Last week, somebody decided that pubs are giving their customers too much head, which prompted somebody in a union to write to the government and complain that this is the sole fault of the pub companies.

GMB writes to Davey

GMB writes to Davey

By Michelle Perrett

The GMB has written to business minister Ed Davey calling for the Government to act over the “under filling” of pint glasses in the pub trade.

'Drinks trade must adapt to different consumers', says Jessica Harvey

Female-friendly or simply sexist?

By Jessica Harvey

Over the weekend, a female friend of mine lamented being offered a half pint of beer, when her male companions had not been levelled the same enquiry for their pint orders at the bar.

Punch licensees support schooners and food

Punch licensees support schooners and food

By Michelle Perrett

More than a quarter of Punch licensees (28%) believe that two-third pint glasses or ‘schooners’, make the ideal accompaniment with food.