Why we love lager

Why we love lager

By Robyn Black

It is not overstating the case to say that standard lager is the most important pint you pull and glass you pour in your pub.


Call time on unhealthy pub food

By Pete Brown

As someone who loves pubs and thinks we spend too much time drawing attention to what’s wrong with our industry and not enough championing what’s right, I always feel a bit bad about using this column to criticise pubs.

Steve Haslam: 'Plenty of opportunities left to maximise profit'

Looking forward to the green shoots of spring

By Steve Haslam

First of all, happy new year to everybody and hopefully it was a great Christmas for you. But we know what follows now — back to the reality of the January blues.

Theo Paphitis has invested in a

Dragons Done?

By Publican Sam

It’s not often that the TV makes me want to write about it, but the latest episode of BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den (series 9, episode 7) caught my attention to such an extent that I want to share a few thoughts.

Daniels: ubs must stop obsession with price

Beer — It’s An Affordable Treat

“Whoever says buying beer in a pub is expensive,” I wrote on my pub’s Twitter and Facebook feeds on Tuesday, “has clearly never bought two coffees in Costa...”

Fair Pint: concern over churn rate

Fair Pint: 'Five pubs fail every day'

By Ewan Turney

Anti-beer tie group Fair Pint believes the failure rate of pubs may be as high as five per day — it disputes figures given by BBPA.