Plan B

Flashpoints and financial strain: Covid Passes were 'this year's version of the Scotch egg'

‘Covid Passes were this year’s version of the Scotch egg’

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Covid Passes led to confusion, conflict and cost in what was "this year's version of the Scotch egg", according to Revolution Bars chief executive Rob Pitcher, who said the Government must do more than roll back Plan B restrictions.

Is there any support for the pub sector?

Support needed now, not later, pub boss warns

By Ed Bedington

Further Government support ahead of any future potential restrictions is “critical” for the pub sector, according to one of the UK’s leading operators.

How have pubs reacted to Plan B?

Industry 'shafted' by Government

By Ed Bedington

Cancellations are reported to be flooding in from across hospitality in the wake of the Government's shift to Plan B.

Why is Plan B bad for pubs?

Sector once again scapegoated

By Ed Bedington

So with the whiff of scandal in the air the Government lurches into distraction - sorry I mean action - to announce the launch of Plan B.