Planning Permission

The Government plans to introduce new protection for ACV-listed pubs

News analysis

Unintended consequences of new pub planning laws

By Mike Berry

Beware of the law of unintended consequences. Community pubs minister Kris Hopkins has announced the Government intends to introduce legislation meaning planning permission would be required to change the use of or demolish a pub listed as an asset of...

CAMRA says planning loopholes mean pubs can be converted or demolished without plannning permission

CAMRA’s planning law campaign boost

By Mike Berry

Action by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) to close the planning loophole allowing pubs to be converted or demolished without planning permission is gathering momentum, with more than 10,000 people having signed the petition.

Cameron: 11 new Enterprise zones

Gov't creates new enterprise zones

By Gurjit Degun

New pubs and bars in parts of Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Essex and Kent are set to have lower business rates and fewer restrictions on planning...

BISL: welcomed changes

Cautious welcome for planning shake-up

By John Harrington

Business in Sport and Leisure welcomes the plan to streamline, but is concerned that new hurdles may be added to the process.

Pubs may find minor alterations easier

Red tape to be cut over pub planning

By Gemma McKenna

The Government wants to cut red tape on planning permission, allowing pubs to make minor alterations without needing consents. Pubs won't face delays starting work or have to pay planning fees, which can be as high as £2,000.

Signs outside pub QMost of my town's traders put out advertising signs on the pavement or roadway, but I have been told that it is illegal for me to...

Planning ahead

Planning ahead

Since the announcement that a total smoking ban is likely to come in next summer, pubcos and licensees will be examining their properties to see what...

Class struggle

Class struggle

Proposed changes to the Use Classes Order 1987, which are looking increasingly likely, will mean that in many cases it will no longer be possible to...