'Pubs are for adults': Is it fair to ban children?


'Pubs are for adults': Is it fair to ban children?

By Oli Gross

Many licensees face a dilemma when considering banning children: Some customers want an exclusively grown-up environment, away from pushchairs and babies, whereas others embrace a family-friendly atmosphere.

Ian Butter warned because of economic pressures people are more likely to breach planning controls

Pubs at risk of legal action over planning rule breaches

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs and other businesses are increasingly at risk of legal action because they are failing to obtain required planning permission due to pressure on their businesses — according to a planning consultant. 

'Noise complaints could increase with new legislation', says Peter Coulson

Noise controls sure to rise

By Peter Coulson

Last week on these pages I wrote that noise complaints were the ‘top hit’ in my electronic postbag. So they are, and my prediction is that the situation will get worse if there is any relaxation in licensing rules on entertainment, as proposed by the...

Brigid Simmonds: 'Everyone will have to re-accredit codes. There will be spot checks for big pubcos'

BIS: An Interview with Brigid Simmonds

By Michelle Perrett

The Government’s response to the controversial Business, Innovation & Skills Committee (BISC) report into the pubco-tenant relationship last week revealed that it would not introduce a statutory code of practice overseen by an adjudicator.

Peter Coulson: 'Be wary of discrimination'

Discrimination in the trade

By Peter Coulson

Last week’s thought-provoking article by Dave Daly in The Guv’nor column was full of common sense about the long-standing issue of racial discrimination. In it, he counselled against going to the law, suggesting such matters should be kept in-house, and...

Jennings: single snitch has potential to do far more devastating damage

Be vigilant: the lone moaners are out there

By Tony Jennings

A month ago the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had a pop at Heineken over its advert for Kronenbourg 1664, which it judged implied that the beer was brewed in France, which it isn’t. The ruling generated national media interest, including the BBC’s...

Phil Mellows: Complaints will not damage business if dealt with immediately

Get a grip on gripes

By Phil Mellows

If your staff can deal with complaints as soon as they arise, then you should be able to send your customers away as happy advocates of your business, Phil Mellows reports.