Neil Morgan: Price growth sees north/south undivided

By Neil Morgan

A lot has been written, said and debated about the north/south property divide in recent times — particularly in relation to the housing market. Yet, the discussion hasn’t been limited to residential premises — indeed, the north/south divide in the pub...

David Cameron's plans for minimum pricing are mooted to be scrapped

Minimum pricing on alcohol to be scrapped

By Mark Wingett

David Cameron’s plans for a minimum alcohol price and a ban on “multi-buy” discounts on drinks will be formally killed off next week.

Fewer bottom-end pubs sold for alternative use

Fewer bottom-end pubs sold for alternative use

By John Harrington

Fewer than half (48%) of all bottom-end freehold pubs sold in the year to 30 September went for alternative use - six percentage points fewer than last year - and the slowdown in conversion rates is expected to continue, according to Fleurets.


Minimum pricing won’t make alcohol expensive

By Mark Daniels

So I seem to have spent much of the last ten days fending off questions from customers about just what the Minimum Price legislation would mean to them. It’s amusing to watch how a little bit of pub maths and a lot of hyperbole can make somebody’s perception...