The science and politics of costing alcohol harm

By Phil Mellows

A tweet from the usually sober and balanced DrugScope charity caught my eye at the weekend. “Social cost of drinking totals little better than nonsense,” it snapped, linking to a lengthy entry on the equally sober and balanced Drug & Alcohol Findings...

'Should the price of a pint be flagged up in pubs?', asks Rob Willock

Panic-buying: 'Won’t get fuelled again'

By Rob Willock

As the country is, perhaps temporarily, released from the grip of panic over the vague threat of fuel tanker driver strikes, one cannot help but imagine whether and how the same level of hysteria could ever be whipped up about beer.

Industry fears over minimum pricing

Industry fears over minimum pricing

By Michelle Perrett

Industry leaders fear that Government intervention over minimum pricing could lead to a hike in duty rates and the closure of many pubs and brewers. 

Defending fees: PPL's Peter Leathem

PPL chief defends plans to raise fees

By Gurjit Degun

Anyone who demands money from you is never going to be popular. In a struggling economy it’s even worse — utility cost increases are never ending, rents are harder to negotiate and business rates have a habit of rising just when you think you are up to...

'Consumers are suffering from the pubco-tenant debate', say Simon Clarke

So what will happen with the beer tie?

By Simon Clarke

Greg Mulholland spearheads the growing number of MPs that recognise the tied model for what it is — a failure. Many MPs have indicated the Office of Fair Trading got it wrong.