Pub drinks: VAT should be cut, says Sheron

Top doctor: pubs should pay less VAT

By John Harrington

A health campaigner says VAT on alcohol sold in pubs should be slashed — and minimum pricing introduced — to help pubs and encourage sensible...

Charity: minimum pricing would backfire on pubs

The spectre of minimum pricing

By The PMA Team

Minimum pricing might seem like a good idea, but it will hand power outside the industry to dictate pricing policy for pubs, says The PMA Team.

Holden: defending price rise

Sky pricing: a viable model

By Iain Holden

Sky Business's managing director Iain Holden explains the thinking behind the new "fairer" Sky charging system

Supermarket pricing: ALMR urges action

ALMR backs action on supermarkets

By John Harrington

The AMLR is backing a united lobbying effort to ensure there's no "wriggle room" for supermarkets in the crackdown on cheap alcohol deals.

Supermarket deals: the debate goes on

Off-trade can beat below-cost ban

By John Harrington

Supermarkets could still sell alcohol at rock-bottom prices if below-cost sales were banned using a definition supported by off-trade chiefs....

Anand: minimum pricing should be explored

Greene King backs minimum pricing

By Ewan Turney

Suffolk brewer and pub operator Greene King has come out in favour of a minimum price on alcohol. The Coalition announced last week that it would...