Legal checklist: Changing your address

Legal checklist: Changing your address

By Poppleston Allen

I know from experience that, when moving house, there is a long list of people who need to know your new address; it is important to remember to add to that list the local authority that issued your premises licence or personal licence.

Be cautious over ‘formal cautions’ at your pub

Be cautious over ‘formal cautions’ at your pub

By Jonathan Smith

In my experience most people are familiar with the notion of a ‘formal caution’ being issued by the police or local authority as a method of disposing of the matter once the investigation is concluded.

Only the strong survive: A low ABV found when spirits are tested can result in serious penalties

Trading standards: Protection against low ABVs

From time to time a particular area of the country will experience a large number of visits to licensed premises by trading standards officers who will test a whole range of spirits behind the bar or bars, to determine whether they are carrying the correct...

Sky crackdown on illegal screening

Pub fined £13k for illegal Sky use

By Lesley Foottit

Licensees of an Oxfordshire pub have been fined more than £13,000 after showing Sky football using a domestic card. Vincent Mark and Gary Smith of...

Licensees did not have a commercial contract

Four Bristol licensees fined for illegal Sky

By Ewan Turney

Four Bristol licensees have been hit with fines and costs totalling £19,412.74 for showing Sky using a domestic card. Alexandros Tryfonon and Kashif...