Expanding palette: JDW revamps menu with new dishes

JDW adds 14 new dishes to menu

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has launched a range of new meals across pubs in England Scotland and Wales, including chicken dishes, curries and healthier options.

Critic: JDW boss Tim Martin criticises Government's approach to coronavirus

1% of JDW staff tested positive for coronavirus

By Nicholas Robinson

Just 1% of JD Wetherspoon’s 43,000 employees have tested positive for coronavirus since pubs reopened, boss Tim Martin said in the company’s delayed financial results today.

Fuller’s steam ahead: chief executive Simon Emeny talks growth plans and customer behaviour

Big interview: Simon Emeny Fuller’s chief executive

By Claire Churchard

With ambitious growth plans, acquisitions and an eye on its heritage, Fuller’s chief executive Simon Emeny shares his thoughts on what’s shaping the future of pubs and brewing, and how he plans to keep the pubco’s progressive attitude fresh

Important step: pubcos' 'commitment to clarity and transparency' is welcome

Pubcos waive confidentiality rights over MRO

By Michelle Perrett

The six pub-operating businesses (POBs) covered by the pubs code have agreed to waive their right to confidentiality in market-rent-only (MRO) option arbitration decisions.

Discontent: Robert Sayles

Pubcos behaving badly

By Robert Sayles

Like many of you, I was dismayed by the failure of government to endorse a statutory code of practice. Experiences in other sectors, most notably banking and the press, have shown that self regulation is wholly ineffective.

Robert Sayles: 'Tenants should be prepared'

Are you a lamb to the slaughter?

By Robert Sayles

Neil Robertson recently stated that the prospect of naive new tenants entering the trade was a major source of concern. With this in mind I’ve devised a questionnaire so that those thinking about entering the trade can gauge whether or not they fully...