Pubs Independent Conciliation

Pubs code: call for consensus and working together


Pubs code: call for consensus and working together

By Michelle Perrett

The former chairman of the Independent Pub Confederation (IPC) Bill Sharp has called on all factions of the trade to show “tolerance” and work together to ensure the smooth implementation of the new pubs code.


Why PICAS must fill the information vacuum

By Rob Willock

Nature abhors a vacuum. Since at least the early 17th century, we have known — thanks to Galileo — that a void is immediately filled with its surrounding material. Rob Willock argues that we can apply this theory to information as much as to physics,...


Statutory code proposals are a potentially crippling U-turn

By Phil Dixon

My old Warwick politics professor, Jim Bulpitt, (1937-99) would often remind us that there was a saying in parts of Italy about being wary of politicians and donkeys, for they can both kick you in the groin when you least expect it.