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Dispute resolution: the PGB has reminded large pubcos its services are available to them

Low-cost resolution service 'still an option' in pub rent disputes

By Stuart Stone

The Pub Governing Body (PGB) has reminded licensees with agreement under the statutory code that the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) resolution service remains an option if there are tied rent disagreements – even in cases where the market-rent-only...

Rent levels bear no relation to MRO

Property advice

Rent levels bear no relation to MRO

By David Morgan

The market rent-only option in the Government’s upcoming pubs code has many in the industry worried. David Morgan at Morgan & Clarke explains more.

Statutory code proposals are a potentially crippling U-turn

Statutory code proposals are a potentially crippling U-turn

By Phil Dixon

My old Warwick politics professor, Jim Bulpitt, (1937-99) would often remind us that there was a saying in parts of Italy about being wary of politicians and donkeys, for they can both kick you in the groin when you least expect it.


Pub rent reviews: In praise of PIRRS

By Barry Gillham

When the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) was introduced in 2009, it was seen as the new BII-led low-cost ‘arbitration’ service. Barry Gillham, chairman at property agent Fleurets, explains why the scheme is the way forward.

Findlay: ‘Stop sucking pubs dry’

Findlay: ‘Stop sucking pubs dry’

By Michelle Perrett

The Government needs to help the pub and brewing industries rather than sucking them dry, argued Ralph Findlay, chief executive of Marston’s and chairman of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), last week.

2010 in the pub trade

Pub trade 2010: rolling with the punches

By Tony Halstead

There's no doubt about it, 2010 was a tough 12 months, but there were some laughs along the way. Tony Halstead takes a look. January The year...

Pubcos: under scrutiny from MPs

Pubco-probe MP queries tie reform

By John Harrington

The MP heading the on-going investigation into pubcos says he doesn't feel problems in the industry are being sufficiently addressed. Adrian Bailey,...