Karen Fewell believes you need to entertain on social networks to get customers to engage with you


What’s the secret to social media?

By PubFood

Karen Fewell, founder of @DigitalBlonde, a digital marketing consultancy and marketing training company for the hospitality industry helps answer the question


The FSB's utopian vision may yet become a reality

By Rob Willock

In a shock new poll this week it was revealed that turkeys are against Christmas. A survey of 500 of the gallinaceous fowl showed that the vast majority would prefer the festival to be cancelled. Meanwhile, another piece of research has just ‘discovered’...

Ringside: Ewan Turney was an interested observer at last week's BISC hearing

Pubco inquiry: my view from the ringside

By Ewan Turney

Last week, tenanted pubco chiefs went before MPs on the Business, Innovation & Skills Committee (BISC). The Publican's Morning Advertiser's digital editor Ewan Turney gives his personal take on proceedings.

Enterprise: surveying lessees

Exclusive: candid survey for Enterprise pubs

By Lesley Foottit

Enterprise Inns is conducting a candid online survey of its tenants and lessees to gauge their views of the company and its practices. The multiple...

Fair Pint: questions on Brulines

Fair Pint challenges Enterprise on Brulines

By Ewan Turney

Anti-beer tie campaign group Fair Pint has challenged Enterprise Inns to answer six key questions on its use of beer flow monitoring equipment. It has written to Enterprise asking for answers on its use of Brulines and Smartcellar.

Ellwood: puts party leaders on the spot

Host in limelight for TV election debate

By John Harrington

Helen Ellwood speaks of her "mesmerizing" experience on last night's live TV debate - and says her first-choice question was about supermarkets.

Alcohol: most people don't want higher tax

Public opposes higher alcohol tax

By John Harrington

Just 27% of adults think the Government should tax alcohol more heavily to encourage people to drink less, according to a survey of 4,486 adults.

Rewarding: 75% leave tips

Brits still tip good staff

By John Harrington

Four out of five Britons still tip for good service despite the economic downturn, a new survey shows. Just over one fifth (21%) have changed their...

Tuppen: OFT doing a thorough job

Enterprise: OFT doing a thorough job

By The PMA Team

Enterprise Ted Tuppen reports that the Office of Fair Trading is undertaking "very thorough analysis" of the pub sector as it responds to Camra's...

Licensees should be wary of bogus charity scam

Chepstow pub warns of charity scam

By Gemma McKenna

A Chepstow host has warned licensees to beware of bogus callers after receiving nine calls in one day from a bogus charity.

Cobra: chance to win £1m

Cobra Beer offers chance to win £1m

By Ewan Turney

Cobra Beer has teamed up with phone directory service 118 118 to offer consumers the chance to win £1m simply by asking the right questions. The...

Pring: Honesty is key to debate

The importance of being honest

By Andrew Pring

The impending Parliamentary review of the Tisc inquiry should pose more difficult questions for the pubcos.

Cameron: Alcohol should be introduced at home

'Introduce kids to alcohol at home'

By Ewan Turney

Tory leader David Cameron believes children should be introduced to alcohol at home. Cameron said that drinking can be social and is something that...

The Agents

The Agents

Tim Martin Sales associate Fleurets I am often asked by potential vendors for advice on the best time to put a pub on the market. The answer can...



The smoking ban presents an opportunity to attract potential pub-goers, says David Elliott I was lucky enough to be able to buy a couple of tickets...

Newcomers: Eureka

Newcomers: Eureka

What is becoming apparent through continued research into EPOS systems is that although much of the EPOS hardware is much the same, it's the software...

The art of moaning

The art of moaning

By Hamish Champ

I was having a breakfast meeting with the chief executive of a large pub group last week and in the course of our conversation I asked him how often...