Rare Burgers

How to serve a safe rare burger

Food safety

Rare burger crippling health risk warning

By Nicholas Robinson

A food safety watchdog has warned of the crippling health threats undercooked burgers can cause now that the category is in steep growth and as a result of more consumers specifying how their burgers should be cooked.

Labelling rare burger risks on menus may not be enough, warns expert

Food safety

Rare burger risk warnings ‘not enough to save you in court’

By Nicholas Robinson

Warning pub customers about the potential dangers of ordering and eating high-risk foods – such as oysters and rare burgers – is unlikely to be enough of a defence to stave off prosecution in the event of legal action.

Rare burgers: BHA responds to further controversy

food safety

BHA: It's 'not the case' all rare burgers are unsafe

By Daniel Woolfson

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has responded to claims made about the safety of serving medium and medium rare burgers in the Channel 4 TV show Tricks of the Restaurant Trade this week.

Rare burger preparation guidance will be difficult to implement

Rare burger rules ‘won’t keep diners safe’

By Nicholas Robinson

Food businesses won’t be able to guarantee consumer safety when serving rare burgers, even after implementing the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) new guidance, experts have warned.

New rare burger rules costly for pub chefs

Rare burger rule change ‘costly’ for pub chefs

By Nicholas Robinson

Serving rare burgers in UK food businesses could be expensive and remain potentially dangerous, even with new Food Standards Agency (FSA) controls in place, a leading food safety consultant has warned.