RPI rents: can leave licensees with a headache

RPI leases: get your maths right

By Daniel Mackernan

The pubcos have increasingly introduced RPI leases, but tenants need to take an appropriate view on the initial rent, argues Daniel Mackernan of...

Pubcos: will be back under the spotlight

MPs to re-open pubco inquiry

By The PMA Team

The BISC investigating pubco power is set to meet again on 28 June and 5 July, the PMA has learnt.

Slug & Lettuce: sites up for sale

80 former Laurel pubs to hit the market

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

Over 80 properties that were part of the former Laurel Pub Company are set to come to the market over the next 12 months as investment opportunities....

Charity: RPI rents should be capped

RPI rents should be capped

By The PMA Team

The move towards RPI rent increases in new leases is in danger of making some licensees far less competitive, says The PMA Team.

Rent: negotiation

More scope for pub rent deals

By Graham Ridout

There has never been a better time for incoming licensees to negotiate lower rents or reductions in ingoing costs, according to experts. Neville...

Whittle: wants to see terms brought back

Move to cut pub inventory disputes

By Gurjit Degun

Disputes between tenants and pub companies about inventories could be reduced thanks to a new procedure agreed by more than 100 pub property valuers....

Clarke on rent and tied products

Pubcos may yet make a mockery of ministers

By Simon Clarke

There were two main issues at the start of the select committee inquiries into pubcos — the rent and cost of tied products, says Simon Clarke.

BII: hoping to settle more disputes

BII considers rent scheme extension

By John Harrington

The BII is examining plans to extend its low-cost rent arbitration scheme to apply to lease renewals and include a general mediation function.

Longden: welcomes flexibility

43-strong community group take on Punch pub

By Gurjit Degun

A Punch leased pub in Lincolnshire has been taken on by 43 members of a local community committed to keeping their local pub running. The Cherry...

Campaigning: Fair Pint focuses on freeholds

Tenant buy-out plan for Enterprise pubs

By John Harrington

A high-profile Enterprise lessee whose pub is up for auction is examining plans for a mass tenant buy-out of their pubs by the pubco's licensees.

Leslau: deal for former 3DE sites

Leslau vehicle acquires former 3DE sites

By Mark Stretton, M&C Report

Nick Leslau, the property investor, is believed to have bought back a 14-strong group of late-night venues, the majority of which are operated by...

Plain English: new tenancy agreements

Clarity stamp for Timothy Taylor tenancies

By John Harrington

Yorkshire brewer Timothy Taylor has gained "Crystal Mark" status for its pub tenancy agreements to show they are written in clear, plain English....

Clayton: advisor to the rural regeneration scheme

Community leases a step closer

By John Harrington

Pub is the Hub is in talks with pubcos about devising leases specifically for community groups to take on viable pubs that are under threat.

Mosley Arms, Bolton: on the market

Holts puts 15 pubs up to let

By Natasha Devan

Manchester brewery Joseph Holt has announced it will be letting 15 pubs in north west England. Traditional three-year brewery tenancies are being...

Punch: new concessions

Punch: more concessions on new leases

By The PMA Team

Punch Taverns has offered further concessions to new licensees to tempt them to sign up to three new leases it's offering. The company launches the leases officially in its south-east region next week.

Tenants are able to negotiate rent free periods at some sites

Lease length drops to record low

By Ewan Turney

The average length of a lease has fallen to its lowest recorded level with 97% of small businesses having a lease less than 10 years long.  The...

Simon Clarke (R): not much has changed

So what has changed since BISC 2010?

By Simon Clarke

Simon Clarke, licensee at the Eagle Ale House in Battersea gives his assessment on what progress the pubcos have made.

McMullen: new code of practice

McMullen's: try before you buy pub scheme

By Ewan Turney

New licensees can run a pub for 12 months with no long term financial commitment under a "Try before you Buy" scheme, launched by Hertfordshire...

Blue Anchor: up for grabs

CCT Group pubs up for sale

By Gemma McKenna

Five wet-led pubs formerly operated by CCT Group, which went into administration last week, are being sold through Christie + Co.

Consolidating: Wadworth's has undertaken a cost review

Wadworth's: profit down, turnover up

By The PMA Team

Wiltshire brewer and retailer Wadworth's has reported turnover up, but profit down for its most recent year. The company saw turn-over rise from...

Tuppen: we have become robust to prevent the wrong people getting into pubs

Ted Tuppen: Rider on the storm

By Phil Mellows

Ted Tuppen is used to fielding brickbats but doesn't shirk responsibility, as Phil Mellows finds when he meets the captain of Enterprise. To find...

BII training: for trade newcomers

Online course for trade newcomers

By Ewan Turney

New entrants to the pub trade will now have to undertake a two-hour course to ensure they understand the complexities of the leased model.

Mulholland: controversial views

Up close and very personal

By The PMA Team & Mark Stretton

The PMA Team and Mark Stretton give their views on last week's Pub Company Summit, which ended in a controversial presentation by MP Greg Mulholland.