Luminar: looking to make cost savings

Luminar asks landlords for rent reduction

By Mark Stretton, M&C Report

Luminar, Britain's biggest nightclub group, has approached the majority of its landlords with a request for a significant reduction in rents — as...

Batemans: allowing tenant investment

Batemans tenants can earn cash back

By Gemma McKenna

Batemans' new tenancy agreement lets hosts earn back cash plus interest on any investment they make in their pub. Under the new Capital Investment...

PIRRS principles: scheme went live last December

First pub rent case is resolved

By John Harrington

The first rent dispute has been resolved via the new BII-led low-cost arbitration service, called the Pub Independent Rent Review Scheme.

RPI increase is another burden for tied tenants

Pub tenants hit by 19-year RPI high

By Ewan Turney

Bad news for tied pubco tenants as the Retail Price Index reached a 19-year high in April — it will mean extra rent rises for some.

Punch: still challenging times

Punch Taverns: profits down 18%

By Ewan Turney

Profit at tenanted and managed pub operator Punch Taverns dropped 18% for the 28 weeks to 6 March on last year as it warned conditions remained...

Charity: licensees free-of-tie on at least one microbrewed cask-ale product

Punch steps away from the cake

By The PMA Team

Licensees can be put off by the way pubcos grab their profits through rent. Punch has a new plan to retain good operators, says The PMA Team.

Tenants with an annual RPI-linked rent increase due will be hit by rise

RPI rise will hit pub tenants

By Ewan Turney

Pubs with an annual RPI rent increase due last month will be stung by a sharp rise in the Retail Prices Index. RPI rose to 4.4% in March from 3.7%,...

Charity: encouraging licensees to buy

Bargain hard in buyers' market

By The PMA Team

Given the current economic climate, what should tough-minded new licensees be asking for in their leases, says The PMA Team.

Punch: will reduce leased estate to 5,000

Punch to reduce leased estate to 5,000

By The PMA Team

Punch Taverns' leased division is likely to reduce in size by a further 1,300 pubs to a core size of 5,000 pubs, division boss Roger Whiteside has...

Spelman: Labour has let pubs down

Tories: Labour has gutted community pubs

By John Harrington

The Conservatives have accused Labour of letting community pubs "go to the wall" in response to pubs minister's new plans for the sector.

Turner: grass is not always greener

Fuller's: we have toxic leases too

By Ewan Turney

London brewer and operator Fuller's has admitted it has a number of "toxic leases" with unsympathetic landlords. In a letter to the Business...

Findlay: beer tie is red herring

Marston's: beer tie not the problem

By Ewan Turney

The beer tie is not the problem for our tenants, Marston's chief executive Ralph Findlay said today. Speaking to The Times, Findlay admitted that...

Punch & Enterprise: both will be hit by London Town reversions

Pubcos to see London Town sites return

By Mark Stretton & The PMA Team

Speculation is rife that Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns will be major victims of the pre-pack adminstration planned by London Town.

Jay Smith: starred in the UKTV series

TV co-op gears up to buy leased pub

By Gemma McKenna

A year ago one Cumbrian pub was on the verge of closure, but following a TV intervention, the local community is gearing up to buy it.

Pubcos: will have to abide by new codes of practice by 30 June 2010

Pubco codes are legally binding

By Ewan Turney

New pubco codes of practice will be legally binding and can be used as evidence in any court proceedings, says the BBPA.

Morgan: will join the RICS panel

Pubco critics to join RICS pub rent panel

By John Harrington

Three high-profile pubco critics have been asked to give their input for revised guidance on setting pub rents. Licensee Simon Clarke and Surveyor...

Sykes: survey open to all

Rents spotlighted in pub survey

By John Harrington

The amount lessees pay in rent as a proportion of operating costs is to be examined in the benchmarking survey of pub operating costs for 2009. As...

Punch: difficult trading environment

Punch ups lessee support

By John Harrington

Punch says it has increased its support for struggling lessees to £2m per month, up from £1.6m in the year to August. The pubco also revealed it...

Luff: tough grilling for BBPA

Luff: I don't feel we can trust pubcos

By Ewan Turney

I don't feel we can trust you to change voluntarily — that was the stark message delivered by Peter Luff to pubco representatives.

Fleurets survey: leasehold sales decimated

Leased pub sales 'decimated'

By Gemma McKenna

Sales of leased pubs have been "decimated" over the past year, while pubco disposals dominate the market, says Fleurets.

GMB: wants industrial action over beer prices and rent levels

GMB to ballot over pub Brulines switch-off

By Ewan Turney

The GMB is to ballot its tied tenant members on whether to to switch off Brulines systems in a bid to force pubcos to the negotiating table over beer...

Enterprise: no code of practice rent reviews for free of tie lessees

Free-of-tie lessee 'out in the cold'

By John Harrington

Enterprise Inns has been criticised for refusing a code of practice (CoP) rent review to a licensee because his lease is free of tie.

Butler (L) and Thornton (R): plan to buy back leases and freeholds

Mercury Inns in administration

By Ewan Turney & The PMA Team

Multiple operator Mercury Inns has gone into administration, the Morning Advertiser has learnt. Mercury Inns was formed 12 years ago by co-managing...

BDMs get a hard time, says Townsend

Enterprise's vision for retailing success

By Simon Townsend

Enterprise Inns chief operating officer Simon Townsend explains the company's long-term view of the pub retailing market. In the 10 years I have...

Enterprise: free of tie options available

Enterprise: free-of-tie options for all

By The PMA Team

Enterprise is to offer all its licensees the chance to go free-of-tie on wine, spirits, minerals and AWP machines next year. The move follows the...

Red Lion: estimated licensee profit of £52,665

Punch to forecast profits for lessees

By Ewan Turney

Punch Taverns has begun to advertise the estimated profit a licensee could expect to obtain from leasing one of its pubs, along with a flexible plan of discounts and rents. It is part of its drive to become "more transparent".

MPs: IPC calls for fair and legal framework for tenants

IPC wants pubco review in one year

By Gemma McKenna

The new Independent Pub Confederation (IPC) wants MPs who conducted the probe into pubcos to formally review the trade's progress in one year's time.

Robertson: clearing up 'misunderstanding'

BII: benchmarking code has teeth

By John Harrington

The BII has rejected BBPA's claims that the content of pubco codes are not examined when they get a stamp for clarity from the BII.

GMB: ballot on rent strike

GMB eyes pub rent strikes

By John Harrington

The GMB Union says it will ballot members on the possibility of industrial action to secure a better deal for pub tenants. The union has agreed to...

Charity: RPI adds to the pressure

Pub rent RPI: the softly-softly approach

By The PMA Team

An unthinking approach to RPI rent increases will cause pressure in pub estates, particularly as inflation is likely to return next year.