Risk Assessment

Fire safety: There are a number of legal compliance issues


Legal advice: The risk of fire hazard rules

By Poppleston Allen

It goes without saying that there is a very large amount of regulatory compliance, which affects licensed premises. Fire safety is a such an area, which is very important, bearing in mind the tragic consequences that can flow from a failure to comply.

The Keys in Darlington increased its capacity by 10% after carrying out a new fire risk assessment

Only half of pubs compliant with fire safety regulations

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs and clubs have been warned that they could be losing money through out-of-date fire assessments, after a Government report outlined that only half of licensed premises are complaint with the Fire Safety Order.

Licensees have a duty of care toward guests inside their pub

Legal Q&A: Accidents inside your pub

By Weightmans

Where do you stand if a customer injures themselves in your pub? In the latest in a series of articles on insurance and legal issues, law firm Weightmans provides the answers.

Every employer must conduct a risk assessment of the workplace

How to... Conduct a risk assessment

By Pat Perry

Every employer has a duty to undertake an assessment of the hazards and risks associated with work activities and to implement controls which either eliminates the hazard or reduces the risk to acceptable levels. Our guide explains how.

It's important to plan your BBQ to ensure all health and safety and food safety risks have been minimised

How to... Trade safely in outdoor areas

By Pat Perry

Outdoor areas for pubs can provide huge business benefits and offer great opportunities for customers to experience outdoor dining and family activities. However, trading outside requires careful attention to avoid falling foul of the many hazards it...

Licensees should check that any entertainment outside is authorised

Legal checklist: Using pubs' outdoor areas

By Poppleston Allen

Warm weather is generally greeted with open arms by pub operators, especially those fortunate enough to have a pleasant and usable external space. This presents a clear opportunity for licensees to really make the most of them. Here are some pointers...

Pubs should carry out risk assessments to avoid legal action

Pubs beware of violence on premises

By Gurjit Degun

Licensees have been warned to carry out risk assessments if an attack takes place on their premises. This comes after the Metropolitan Bar in...

Fire prevention

Fire prevention

Protecting your business from the risk of fire and having an emergency plan in place should the worst happen are essential aspects of safely running...

Fire precautions

Fire precautions

I have heard that I now need to carry out risk assessments in relation to any fire risks at my premises. Is this correct?New regulations came into...