Review: supermarkets have been giving their evidence to the House of Lords


Supermarkets claim 'no evidence' of weekend pre-loading

By Liam Coleman

A representative of Waitrose has said that the company sees “no evidence” of pre-loading at the House of Lords review of the Licensing Act 2003, which also saw a representative of Sainsbury’s give similar evidence.

Sainsbury's: under-fire over underage sales

Sainsbury's banned from selling alcohol

By Ewan Turney

A Sainsbury's in Portsmouth has been banned from serving alcohol for 48 hours after selling to under-18s. The supermarket on Fitzherbert Road,...

Sainsbury's hit by online discount

Sainsbury's hit by online discount

Sainsbury's has reportedly been hit in the pocket after secret codes which cut 60% of booze bills online were revealed by a website. The codes,...