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Drop the Dram Duty: Latest polling shows broad disaffection with how the Government is dealing with the Scotch Whisky industry.

Scots call on Hammond to cut whisky duty

By Stuart Stone

New polling has revealed that more than two thirds of Scots want Chancellor Philip Hammond to cut whisky's “supertax” in this month’s budget.

Pure and unadulterated: the traditional image of whisky no longer holds true for many of today's consumers

Whiskey or whisky? It's a new day

By Nicholas Robinson

Whether it’s malt whisky, an American Bourbon or an Irish whiskey, the whisk(e)y category is vast and hugely diverse. Blended Scotch may be the biggest player in the sector, but interest is piquing in other areas and will not play second fiddle to white...

Scotch Whisky: protected

Provenance of Scotch protected

By Michelle Perrett

The first legal action brought against a company for falsely advertising and selling its spirits as Scottish has reached a landmark settlement. The SWA successfully brought the action under the new Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009.

Husband and wife food team Q We run a successful outside catering business for which I obtain, when required, temporary event notices (TENs) in...



what's in a name? Once again, the normally placid loch waters of the Scotch whisky world are thrashing like a piranha tank. Andrew Jefford brings...

The drambusters

The drambusters

Despite scotch whisky being the UK's native spirit, malts and blends are underused by pubs. Ben McFarland suggests how this can be changed.Scotch...