Speciality Beers

Modern matchmaking

Modern matchmaking

As the smoking ban approaches, beer and food-matching is becoming a hot topic. Jo Grobel looks at how suppliers are trying to make their mark...

Trailblazing Brits

Trailblazing Brits

Speciality beers aren't just about unusual brews from the Continent ­ licensees can also find well-crafted gems closer to home. ADRIAN TIERNEY-JONES...

Euro stars

Beer and Food - Euro stars

By Max Gosney

Interbrew is on a mission to dominate what it predicts is a speciality beers sector set to soar. Max Gosney travelled to the home of Hoegaarden to...

Lesley and husband Bill continue to put the No ID No Sale message across after the success of the No ID No Sale day.

Beer and Food - A civilised choice

By Richard Fox

Richard Fox looks at how beer with food stretches back thousands of years and suggests some simple ways of using beer in your kitchen. Ambling...