No blood: most Brits want their meat well done

Rare steak off the menu for most Brits

By Nicholas Robinson

Brits are munching their way through an average of 312 meaty meals a year, with 85% of meat eaters consuming animal protein at least once a day, a new survey has claimed.

My Pub: The Bickley, Chislehurst

My Pub: The Bickley, Chislehurst

By Georgina Townshend

When Bickley Pub & Restaurant general manager Garry Wood noticed Wednesday steak night was proving a real success, he opted to go more premium by focusing on steaks at the Redcomb Pubs site yet still maintaining a community feel.

World class: top steak in the world is from Poland (not pictured)

Polish steaks better than British

By Nicholas Robinson

Poland was announced the world’s best steak producer, above any other nation, at the annual World Steak Challenge awards earlier this month.

New meat education programme for chefs

New meat education programme for chefs

By Daniel Woolfson

AHDB Beef & Lamb has launched its Meat Education Programme, a new resource for chefs and professionals in the food industry.

Inside the Eagle with head chef Ed Mottershaw

Chef focus

The Eagle: the chef behind the 'UK's first gastropub'

By Nicholas Robinson

Ed Mottershaw is pretty much wedded to one pub. Alright, he underwent seven years learning how to cook at Battersea’s Fox & Hounds, but the 11 years since then have all been spent in the kitchen of what is credited as being the first gastropub in...

There are three important factors that go into the perfect steak, experts advise

Revealed: Secrets to best steak

By Nicholas Robinson

The secrets to making the perfect steak have been revealed to the Publican’s Morning Advertiser by top chefs, suppliers and even Steak (R)evolution film director Franck Ribière.

80% of steaks sold in the foodservice sector are imported, according to Allen

‘Stop imported steak culture’ urges supplier

By Nicholas Robinson

Pub chefs must source more British meat and use alternative and more profitable cuts to ensure animal protein does not become an overpriced luxury, a leading supplier has urged.