Statutory code consultation: Make your voice heard

By Rob Willock

And so the consultation on the statutory regulation of the pub industry begins — as these things usually do — with a couple of lengthy documents. They’re worth reading. The Government has produced a pretty comprehensive assessment of the state of the...

The day I became a pubco CEO

The day I became a pubco CEO

By Robert Sayles

An official looking letter arrived through the post last week. It was an invitation to Number 10.

Pubcos behaving badly

Pubcos behaving badly

By Robert Sayles

Like many of you, I was dismayed by the failure of government to endorse a statutory code of practice. Experiences in other sectors, most notably banking and the press, have shown that self regulation is wholly ineffective.

Robertson (R) hailed Clist's (L) Fuller's as a forward looking company

Fuller's pays for tenants to join BII

By Ewan Turney

Fuller's is the first to pay for all of its tenants to be members of the BII for the duration of their stay with the company.

Morgan: will join the RICS panel

Pubco critics to join RICS pub rent panel

By John Harrington

Three high-profile pubco critics have been asked to give their input for revised guidance on setting pub rents. Licensee Simon Clarke and Surveyor...

Whiteside: period of change ahead

Punch: tied model needs to evolve

By Ewan Turney

Punch has admitted that the tied model must evolve to offer greater protection for its tenants, in a letter to its licensees. Punch tenanted boss...

A licensee

Open books: open mind

For once, The interests of pubco and licensee may be completely coterminous here. Many licensees will be cynical about the trend among pubcos to...