Major milestone: a look back at the pubs code a year after its implementation

Pubs code: a year on

By Fred A'Court

It is now a year since the pubs code was introduced but neither the trade, nor consultants and legal advisers negotiating deals between breweries and pubs, or pressure groups, seem to be celebrating.

The Great Pubco Myth - Investment and Support

The Great Pubco Myth - Investment and Support

By Robert Sayles

The pubco propaganda machine has focused primarily on two key benefits of the tied model – investment and support. If what we’re told is true then the removal of such benefits would result in many more pubs closing.

Assessing the relationship between pub companies and their tenants

Assessing the relationship between pub companies and their tenants

By Robert Sayles

Much has been made of the problems associated with gullible tenants entering the trade. The voicing of such concerns suggest these ‘naïve’ things are little more than lambs to the slaughter, the tied pub trade something akin to a savage wilderness; one...

Pub company CEO defends business model: Part 3

Pub company CEO defends business model: Part 3

By Robert Sayles

Last week the city was rocked by news that recently retired pubco CEO and long time friend Roland Rodent had emerged from retirement to oust his successor William Weasel following a shareholder revolt.


Isn’t talk of credit a little premature?

Well it seems that credit was being tossed around in abundance last week. No sooner had fellow blogger Mark Daniels suggested we acknowledge the positive changes taking place within the BII than PMA editor Rob Willock pops up and asks us to give property...

Tenants are campaigning for a fairer deal from pubcos

46% of tied tenants earn under £15k pa

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Forty six per cent of tied pub tenants earn less than £15,000 per year, more than twice the proportion among free-of-tie licensees, according to a new study that urges Government action on the beer tie.

FSB calls for legal code

FSB: pubco codes are not working

By Michelle Perrett

Seven in 10 tenants (69%) think the new pubcos' codes of practice will not improve relationships with their pubcos, claims new research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Protz: Bateman's family business strategy

Bateman's balance of power

By Roger Protz

Stuart Bateman, managing director of George Bateman & Son, hates the word "tie" and wants a partnership with his tenants, says Roger Protz.

Pub staff: less job security

Tenants shed staff as recession bites

By John Harrington

Tenants have been forced to shed more staff in the past year as licensees say the recession has hit harder than expected, says a new CGA survey.

Bateman: offering free of tie deals

Batemans offers free of tie

By The PMA Team

Lincolnshire brewer and retailer Batemans has written to its tenants offering them discussions on going free of tie in the wake of the critical Bec...

Pubcos: claim they have acted after TISC

Pubcos: case for the defence

By John Harrington

Pubcos defended their treatment of tenants and rejected calls for the beer tie to be scrapped during a heated hearing in December.

Batemans: Wants to help tenants

Batemans' energy help

By John Harrington

Lincolnshire brewer Batemans is paying consultants to find the best energy deal for its tenants. In what's believed to be an industry first, the...

Tenant profit could drop to just £3,000

Brumby: The cost of tenant support

By Mark Brumby

The profitability of the average tenancy could drop by £30,000 next year requiring very expensive support from the big pubcos, argues Blue Oar Securities analyst Mark Brumby.

Provence calls halt to tenanted estate

Provence calls halt to tenanted estate

By The PMA Team

Provence, the pub operator that sells freeholds at auction with a lease to itself, has decided to stop expanding its tenanted estate. The company,...