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'Kick in the teeth': Forest publishes report on smoking ban and its impact on pubs

Pro-smoking group calls for review 10 years after ban

By Georgina Townshend

A pro-smoking campaign group has called on the Government to review the impact the smoking ban had on pubs, and to “consider alternatives to the policy”, as the UK approaches its 10-year anniversary.

DoH report on tobacco criticised

DoH report on tobacco criticised

By Adam Pescod

An academic review of the smoking ban commissioned by the Department of Health (DoH) has been criticised as "narrow and selective" by Imperial Tobacco.

Smoking ban: unlikely EU changes will impact UK

Trade relief at Euro smoking plans

By Gemma McKenna

Trade leaders are relieved that European calls for tighter control on access to second hand smoke are unlikely to impact UK pubs. The recommendation,...



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M&B says no roll out deoderant

M&B says no roll out deoderant

Mitchells & Butlers says it has no plans to roll out a trial scheme to see if air fresheners can mask the smells left behind in pubs once tobacco smoke is removed

Nicofix in action

Tobacco gel launched

A tobacco gel that is rubbed into smokers' palms has been launched in Britain ahead of the English ban. The controversial gel, produced by Advanced...