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Peter Luff is the new chair of the Pubs Governing Body and responsible for driving self-regulation forward

What now for self-regulation of the pub sector?

By Noli Dinkovski

In introducing its plans for a pubco statutory code the Government insisted self-regulation had failed. However, with legislation still a distant target how does this ‘discredited’ system fill the gap and will it still have a role to play alongside  a...

Smoking ban: MPs lobbying Government

MPs give boost to smoking campaign

By John Harrington

A Tory MP is using the weight of MPs' support for relaxing the smoking ban to lobby the Government to look again. A total of 86 MPs voted in favour...

Mulholland (left, with CAMRA's Jonathan Mail): Letter to PM

Mulholland: PM must appoint pubs minister

By John Harrington

Pro-pub MP Greg Mulholland has written to David Cameron asking him to appoint a pubs minister and implement policies to help community pubs. In his...

Mulholland (L) had been named as a favoured candidate for the post by CAMRA

'Pubs minister role is axed'

By Ewan Turney

The role of pubs minister looks set to be short-lived, according to one of the favourites for the post. Lib Dem MP and Save the Pub Group chair Greg...

Kirby: pro pub MP

Pub-operator-turned-MP speaks up for pubs

By Gemma McKenna

A multiple operator turned new MP has pledged to do all he can to support the trade in the corridors of power at Westminster. Simon Kirby,...

Mulholland (L) with CAMRA's Jonathan Mail

Pub trade's MPs regain seats

By John Harrington

Prominent pub trade MPs regained their seats including Gerry Sutcliffe, John Healey, Peter Luff and Greg Mulholland.

Mulholland: meeting with John Healey

Mulholland to meet pubs minister

By John Harrington

Pro-pub MP Greg Mulholland is to meet the new pubs minister John Healey to discuss the problems facing the industry. Mulholland, chair of the All...

Ward, with Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland, wants talks with the trade

Campaigner invites pubcos to showdown talks

By Ewan Turney

Pub tenant rights campaigner Inez Ward is to host a meeting for disgruntled tenants, trade bodies, pubcos and MPs. Ward, who runs the Justice for...

Pubco Inquiry II special

Pubco Inquiry II special

By John Harrington & Ewan Turney

All you need to know about the news that pubcos will be scrutinised by MPs on how they treat tenants