Vending Machines

Secure: device will stop underage sales, say developers

New device to combat cig vending ban

By John Harrington

Cigarette machine operators are pinning their hopes on high-tech new 'anti-child' technology to argue that the machine ban is not needed.

Vending machines: face the chop in England

Lords vote for pub cigarette machine ban

By John Harrington

A total ban on cigarette vending machines looks almost inevitable after Lords rejected an attempt to stop it. Last night an amendment by Lord Howe...

Vending machines: facing tough restrictions

Pubs likely to ditch fag machines

By Ewan Turney

Three-quarters of licensees would rather remove their cigarette vending machines than abide by strict new rules. That is according to a new survey...

Restrictions on vending machines in pubs are not required, says survey

'No need for cig vending machine ban'

By John Harrington

Late-night bars are tackling problems relating to underage entry with "excellent results" — so the Government should lay off new restrictions on...

Vending machines: Facing the axe

Vending machine ban could break pubs

By Ewan Turney

A massive 74% of licensees believe the smoking ban has been bad for business — a damning statistic that could become worse if cigarette vending machines are banned.

Cig machines in

Cig machines in

pubs scrutinised by David Castle Cigarette vending machines are on trial in Buckinghamshire following Government concerns over their accessibility to...