Zero-Hours Contracts

The use of zero-hours contracts is popular in the hospitality industry

Hospitality sector tops zero-hours contracts use

By Ruth Williams, M&C Report

There are more people working on zero-hours contracts in the hospitality sector than any other industry, with 53% of companies making use of transitional and seasonal staff working on no guaranteed hours contracts.

Reforms to zero hour contracts

Reforms to zero hour contracts

By Poppleston Allen

Sometimes it can be a challenge to plan ahead and predict the number of staff you will require for the weeks ahead, often resulting in being understaffed because you cannot get anyone at short notice or overstaffed and paying an employee who is not required.

CIPD chief Peter Cheese: 'The majority of people employed on these contracts are satisfied'

Zero hours contracts 'unfairly demonised'

By John Harrington

Zero hours contracts are “unfairly demonised” and many employees on the contracts are more satisfied in their work than the average worker, new research suggests.