Pubs and clubs make 'scandalous profits' on crisps

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Pubs and clubs are making "scandalous profits" on crisps, according to a consumer website.Independent consumer website Rip Off Britain says a packet...

Pubs and clubs are making "scandalous profits" on crisps, according to a consumer website.

Independent consumer website Rip Off Britain says a packet of crisps costs a maximum of 4p to produce but can cost over 50p to buy in a pub - a mark-up of 1,250 per cent.

But industry representatives have hit back, saying customers are simply paying for facilities and all the costs associated with running the individual businesses.

A spokesman for Rip Off Britain said: "How many potatoes does it take to make one bag of crisps? One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes more?

"The answer is one large potato, which can only cost a maximum of 2p. Add labour, materials, delivery and you probably add another 2p.

"You can easily pay 50 pence over the bar. Our conclusion is start your own crisp factory!"

He said it was time British people stopped being so timid and got angry.

He added: "We are very gullible in this country and people don't know how to complain. In America they have it down to a fine art. It's about time we stopped being so British."

But the Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association denied the industry was ripping off its customers.

Spokesman Mark Hastings said: "Just as people are accustomed to paying £20 in a restaurant for a bottle of wine they could buy for £5 at the local supermarket, it's exactly the same for these products in pubs.

"You are not just buying something off the shelf, you are being served by a person behind a bar and consuming it in the pub.

"It is the leisure environment you are paying for and to support the actual business, the lighting, the heating, the wages and all the other costs associated with running a business.

"You have to remember your corner shop or supermarket isn't selling them for 4p either. They, like most of our members, will have bought stock from a cash and carry or similar outlet. They, like our members, then put their mark-up on for the reasons I've already outlined."

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