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Inbound opportunity: How can pubs showcase the best of British to overseas visitors?

Best of British: Attracting overseas visitors

For foreign visitors wishing to visit this sceptred isle the time has never been better, with generous exchange rates encouraging guests to spend their money. So how can pubs make the most of this inbound opportunity?

Wedding bells: Might Prince Harry toast his new bride Meghan Markle with English sparkling wine on Saturday (19 May)?

Will English fizz feature at the royal wedding?

Information about the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend (19 May) has been readily available, but news of what sparkling wine will be served is still under wraps.

Early exit: Pubs can still make a success of Russia 2018 even if England wind up on an early flight home.

What to do if (when) England go out of Russia 2018?

Despite always being in the running according to UK bookmakers, England have rarely progressed that far in any football World Cup competition since making the semi-final in Italia 1990. If form is anything to go by, you will need to focus on every team...

Plan ahead: Tension can run high during a world cup tournament

Be a responsible world cup host

As football fanatics and detractors alike brace themselves for a summer of national flags, bunting, shouting at televisions, and packed pubs, so too does the hospitality sector.


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