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Saucy request: operators have their say on charging customers for additional gravy (image credit: Griffin24/

Should you charge diners for extra gravy?

Following a Twitter debate about a Merseyside restaurant charging £1 for gravy, The Morning Advertiser spoke with operators to find out if they had a policy on making diners pay for extras.

Outside edge: Cricket legend Mike Gatting (left) with Garth Warren of the Pavilion End

Standing the test of time

Although the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral might not seem the most natural spot for a cricket-themed sport pub, the Pavilion End’s general manager Garth Warren runs a big hitter in the big city

Opportunity knocks: Use your temporary event notices well

Top tips: making the most of the UK summer

In the UK, we are unfortunate not to get a consistent summer of good weather. So it’s crucial for operators to try and maximise every sunny spell possible for that extra trade it can bring in.


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