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Workforce jeopardy: UKHospitality has outlined concerns over a Migration Advisory Committee report into EEA migration

Pubs could face severe workforce hit

Pubs could face another severe hit to its pool of workers, as recommendations in a new migration report would lead to further worker shortages, says UKHospitality (UKH).

No blood: most Brits want their meat well done

Rare steak off the menu for most Brits

Brits are munching their way through an average of 312 meaty meals a year, with 85% of meat eaters consuming animal protein at least once a day, a new survey has claimed.

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Why partner with a family brewer?

When taking on a pub, it’s important to find a business partner who understands and shares your vision, and who can provide valuable tailored support.
If you know the geography within which you wish to operate and are keen to work with a small...


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