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Morning Advertiser Editorial Calendar 2022/23



January 2022

Pub People (CLOSED)

February 2022

Pub Tech Report (CLOSED)

March 2022

Food Trends (Part 1) (CLOSED)

April 2022

Cider Report (CLOSED)

May 2022

1. Low and No Alcohol (CLOSED)

2. Soft Drinks (CLOSED) 

3. Low/No Alcohol and Soft Drinks combined as a PDF (CLOSED) 

4. Maximising Women’s Football (CLOSED)

June 2022

Pub Events & Occasions

Publication date Monday 20 June 2022, external submissions must be in by Thursday 9 June 2022.

Pubs have always been able to lure customers in because of the unrivalled atmosphere they offer. This should be the case even more so after a torrid two-plus years of Covid but the resulting financial impacts hitting hard all over means a pub operator must be smart to make sure their offer stays relevant. There’s nothing like a big event or occasion to bring more people to your site. Spacing these out is vital but how can an operator go about setting up for a big night (or maybe a big weekend or even longer) and making sure its exciting enough to keep customers coming in? The MA asks pubs, suppliers, etc. about how to make a success of potential events.

Submissions to be sent to both zvpuryyr_creergg@lnubb.pb.hx​ and gary.lloyd@wrbm.com​ 

July 2022

Spirits & Wine Report

Publication date Monday 18 July 2022, external submissions must be in by Thursday 7 July 2022.

What could beat a nice crisp white wine or a gin & tonic in the beer garden in the height of summer? Not a lot. But what should operators be serving when it comes to wines and spirits? We want pub businesses that specialise in spirits and wines to tell us about their offer and how it can add to the bottom line of a site. Perhaps it could be a USP versus rivals in the area. Also what are customers demanding at their sites and does this change for the age range and the occasion or the season?

Can we get any statistics on spirits and wines from insights experts? Particularly in terms of a deeper dive to see the differences in performance between different types of spirits and wine varieties – and what the predictions are.

We also want suppliers to say why a pub should stock its product by explaining the advantages of it and how to maximise sales using it. Perhaps a supplier/producer can provide a case study of how a pub operator has used its wines or spirits to its advantage?

Submissions to be sent to gary.lloyd@wrbm.com

NB: There is a PDF on this with bonus information due out about a week after this is published

August 2022

World Cup

Publication date Monday 22 August, external submissions must be in by Thursday 11 August.

The men’s football World Cup finals will be a very different beast this year because it takes place in the Qatar from 21 Nov-18 Dec. This should help pubs build some momentum going into what is traditionally the best business period in the lead-up to Christmas and the new year. However, pubs need to put in a top performance so they must plan ahead. What should pubs be doing to push the World Cup finals? Are there any stats we can use from previous World Cups to show the importance of getting your offer right when it comes to not only screening the games but doing the right food and drinks? Possibly use some great sporting pubs to give some of the novices a better idea of how to prepare.

September 2022

Beer Report

Publication date Tuesday 13 September 2022, external submissions must be in by Thursday 1 September

This is a look at beer in all its forms including cask, lager, craft and low/no alcohol variants, and how it has fared since all Covid restrictions ended at pubs more than a year ago (19 July 2021). Statistics from experts such as CGA and Lumina would help show the difference between then and now, and pre-Covid, if possible, to give an idea of the changes that have taken place.

In early to mid 2022, bigger brewers were explaining how world and premium lagers were taking market share from core lagers – is that still happening?

We would also want input from pubs on what they have seen and any volume and value differences across the past year.

Submissions to be sent to both cuvyzryybjf@ogvagrearg.pbz​ and gary.lloyd@wrbm.com

NB: There is a PDF with bonus information due out about a week after this is published

October 2022

Food Trends Part 2

Publication date Monday 24 October 2022, external submissions must be in by Thursday 13 October 2022

As winter approaches, we find out what food items are likely to be on pub menus and try to find out what people were enjoying during summer and asking whether those foods could stay on-trend. We invite food-led pubs and suppliers to tell us what they will look to serve and what a pub thinking about putting on a food menu for the first time or improving its offer should be offering – advice for those sites is welcome of course! We may also want to run a recipe or two that look to use low-cost ingredients but will be a hit with customers, so perhaps a more snacky food and/or a main meal.

Submissions to be sent to gary.lloyd@wrbm.com

November 2022

The Annual MA Drinks List (Which Brands to Stock)

Publishing date dependent on when statistics are available to The Morning Advertiser. No external submissions accepted but potential advertisers welcome, who should email chris.duffett@wrbm.com

In this feature, The MA breaks down the best-selling on-trade drinks across key categories and contextualises the figures and any emerging trends with commentary from key stakeholders.

See here for last year’s main feature but also note, each category was broken down even further in associated website articles. https://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Article/2021/11/29/What-are-the-best-selling-alcohol-brands-of-2021

December 2022

Run Your Own Pub Property Report

Think you have something to contribute to any of these topics? Please contact the editorial team for consideration:

Gary Lloyd

Editorial Enquiries

Tnel.Yyblq@jeoz.pbz​ | Tel: +44 1293 610 213

Want to secure sponsorship on any of these topics? Please contact the sales team:

Chris Duffett

Commercial Enquiries

Puevf.Qhssrgg@jeoz.pbz​ | Tel: +44 1293 846 546

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