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Young at heart: find out why youth rules in Birmingham in our latest regional report

Regional report

What makes Birmingham a good place to run a pub?

By Michelle Perrett

A huge 40% of Birmingham’s population is claimed to be aged under 25 – and there’s plenty of places to eat and drink to satisfy those numbers

A match made in Devon: tourism is a key component to business in Devon

Regional report

Why own a pub in Devon?

By Michelle Perrett

Although reliant on tourism, if pub bosses are astute, there’s plenty of business available to make a rich living in Devon

A fine art: Follow the advice on submitting drawings

Top tips: All part of the masterplan

By Poppleston Allen

If you are applying for a new premises licence or are making changes to the layout of an existing premises, you will probably need to submit an application to the local authority, enclosing a copy of suitable licensing drawings.

Young blood: a chance to capture the youthful exuberance of Liverpool

Regional report

Why is Liverpool a good place to own a pub?

By Michelle Perrett

A growing population – made up of many Millennials and Generation Z – is helping drive Liverpool and that is attracting high-profile operators

Tied and tested: 'the tied model has had its share of detractors over the years, but time has moved on' according to Kate Hayden


Where would many be without the tie?

By Kate Hayden

The licensee of the Snow Goose at Farnborough, Hampshire and the Extraordinary Hare at West Hendred, Oxfordshire, Kate Hayden explains that the tie has come a long way since she started out 27 years ago.