Running your pub

Ultimate makeover: Heath Ball has turned a gloomy basic boozer into the best pub in Britain

My Pub: the Red Lion & Sun, Highgate, north London

By Ed Bedington

Heath Ball has had a busy year, not least because his Red Lion & Sun pub won the John Smith’s Great British Pub of the Year award. Here he explains the secrets of his success

Not always a country idyll: Those living in rural communities can often find themselves isolated, particularly as they get older

How are pubs tackling the loneliness epidemic?

By Emily Hawkins

Loneliness has been described as a looming public health concern. But pubs are helping fight this creeping epidemic by bringing people together with food, drink and inclusive events

Challenging times: 'it is time we began to measure more than just financial returns  for the viability of a rural pub', says Pub is the Hub's John Longden

My shout: investing in pub pioneers

By John Longden

At this particularly challenging time for anyone in business, we seem to be finding a variety of mixed experiences across the pub industry which can make it difficult for those pubs seeking investment, says Pub is the Hub's John Longden

Cashless society: Is the proliferation of technology heralding the death of cash?


Is it time pubs ditched cash?

By Stuart Stone

Long gone are the days of punters with cash-stuffed pockets. The jingle of change is becoming a distant echo of the past and even the humble chip and pin is under attack as more consumers use contactless and smart payment methods. But what does a cashless...

Screen stars: EPoS providers should be regarded as strategic partners

How can EPoS data help pub operators?

By Emily Hawkins

Big data is becoming more accessible because EPoS companies are able to help pubs measure and analyse customers’ experience at their venues. Experts reveal the latest digital trends and what to expect

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