Health & safety

Easy access: creating easier access to your venue will help establish your site in the eyes of more people than you may expect

Making your pub more accessible

By Stuart Stone

There’s money to be made at your premises from a revenue stream few licensees consider – and redoubling your efforts on venue accessibility could be the way to tap into that rich vein of cash

Dietary requirements: those who suffer allergies and intolerances will often lead the group

Read the diet act

By Helen Gilbert

Allergies and intolerances have a huge bearing on individuals who suffer from them, but also on groups when eating out so, if you want to grab customers from rivals, consider those with more specific needs

Just the start: anything that can be done to raise awareness of mental health problems is to be welcomed according to Lawson Mountstevens

My shout

Mental health: it’s time we take care of our own

By Lawson Mountstevens

As an industry, we need to recognise and act on the fact that working on the hospitality front line can be stressful, according to Lawson Mountstevens, managing director Star Pubs & Bars, Heineken UK.

Sound advice: a noise limiter could be agreed with the council

Top tips: beware of noise pollution from spring

By Poppleston Allen

As you might have already noticed, the nights and mornings have got that little bit lighter of late. And it is only a few weeks now until you will need to put your clocks forward; meaning that nicer weather is hopefully on its way.

Blowing smoke: as the smoke clears, will e-cigarettes be the answer at your pub?

Could indoor vaping be good for business?

By Nikkie Sutton

Although smoking in pubs is illegal, operators could consider allowing customers to use e-cigarettes inside their venues to draw more punters in