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Matthew Clark Cider offers brands that accommodate both the range of styles and the regional differences.Cider is a major drinks category and an...

Matthew Clark Cider offers brands that accommodate both the range of styles and the regional differences.

Cider is a major drinks category and an important repertoire drink for a significant number of very different consumers.

In previous features it has been noted that over 11 per cent of the UK adult population are drinking cider every week, but they are not a homogeneous group.

It stands to reason that because of the numbers of regular cider drinkers they cannot be of certain type or from a particular region - it's a myth to believe they are all farm workers from Somerset!

So how is it that cider is such an important drink for different groups? It is because cider itself covers such a broad range of styles and differing regional preferences.

Matthew Clark Cider offers the widest portfolio of brands that accommodates both the range of styles and the regional differences.

Matthew Clark Cider produces five of the top 10 draught cider brands in the on-trade, more than any other cider maker and with the leading packaged ciders like Diamond White and K then it truly is the cider company.

With such a significant cider portfolio there is a compelling business case for every type of outlet to identify the opportunities to stock a number of different ciders and build new and incremental sales.

Range around the regions

The preferred cider can vary by both style and regional preference - first the different styles of cider.

The most common draught ciders are the mainstream amber ciders like Blackthorn, the first draught keg cider and perhaps the most recognisable national cider brand. The quality of the cider making process ensures that Blackthorn is the finest expression of a bright and clear amber cider that is refreshing and clean-tasting because it has been ambient-filtered, as opposed to being pasteurised. The sophistication of the filtration process used by Matthew Clark is unique in the cider industry.

Other bright amber ciders benefiting from this treatment include Red C, Special VAT, Cidermaster and now Gaymer's Olde English making a welcome return to the on-trade.

Amber ciders are the mainstay of the cider offering but there are real opportunities for packaged ciders and more traditional cider styles. Packaged ciders compete alongside the PPSs appealing to the 18 to 24 age group socialising with friends or on a big night out.

Diamond White, the original premium packaged product for this market, is still seen as relevant with its "up 4 it" campaign that positions the brand as fun and irreverent just like the consumers who enjoy it.

The Diamond brand portfolio is complemented by Diamond Red and Diamond Fruzion. A more stylish brand proposition is offered by K cider.

In outlets where cask-conditioned beers are popular, then there is a range of more traditional ciders that are an attractive alternative.

Taunton Traditional has loyal regional drinkers but Addlestones is the brand that has a deserved national following with enthusiasts.

It is a cloudy cider that needs to be vented and stood for 48 hours before being served, but it is worth the wait.

Regional differences

Perhaps the greatest indicator of the differences that exist is to consider the top four cities for cider consumption per capita - they are Newcastle, Cardiff, Birmingham and Bristol. Each has a different profile for the amber ciders preferred.

In Newcastle and across the North East and North Yorkshire the predominant choice is for medium sweet ciders like Red C.

Further south to Birmingham and throughout the Midlands the palate changes to either the smoother style of Gaymer's Olde English or Blackthorn.

In Bristol and the South West the preference is clearly for the slightly drier style of Blackthorn. Across to Cardiff and South Wales and a very big market for amber ciders sees brands like Special VAT as the cider drinkers' choice.

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