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This InfoPage is an online advertorial from our sponsor PRS.Dogma, a three storey building based in the heart of Nottingham is a spilt level venue...

This InfoPage is an online advertorial from our sponsor PRS.

Dogma, a three storey building based in the heart of Nottingham is a spilt level venue for all types of customers.

It offers a restaurant and lounge area on the top floor, a bar and lounge area on the middle floor and a basement area where live music and DJ sessions take place.

The restaurant attracts older clubbers who can go downstairs to soak up the atmosphere in the bar and lounge area or go down to the basement where the DJ and live sessions take place, safe in the knowledge they can return to the sanctuary of the restaurant or lounge area if the going gets tough.

The site, originally a derelict warehouse and redundant storage building, has been revamped, keeping its original features with an up-to-date trendy industrial feel, open for a wide range of customers.

Music sells!

Dogma first opened in November 2001 but it wasn't until January 2002 that investment into a structured music policy began, increasing takings by 30 per cent.

Finding music a powerful medium, the business has been restructured to make the best use of it.

"Everyone has five senses. We have worked very hard to ensure that the first four are satisfied, but if the sound does not work, then the rest no longer work."

Music policy that works!

Not only does Dogma understand the basis of having a structured music policy, the venue realises the benefits music has for it as a business.

The bar appreciates the use of music as a business tool and the positive effects music can have on a customer.

The bar uses different genres and styles of music at different times of the day to reflect the mood and type of customer in the venue at that time.

The bar plays 'classic' or 'soon to be classic' tracks ranging from 'blue note' and jazz through to Tamla, soul and funk, including current artists Norah Jones, David Gray and Coldplay.

Midday sees mellow blues, jazz and Sinatra.

The first transition takes place between five and six pm with a more funky theme including music from James Brown and Stevie Wonder.

To encourage party goers the tempo is then raised again for the evening trade with live music, DJ sets and classic tracks as background music.

Believe in your music offering

Chris Bulaitis (managing director of Ever So Sensible Ltd) believes that Dogma's music policy is a powerful medium which has resulted in the customer base becoming self selective.

"Inclusive-exclusivity - if they don't like it, they won't want to stay".

Creating the right atmosphere

The key aspect to running a venue and structuring a successful music policy is understanding the need to create the right atmosphere.

For Dogma the challenge is to achieve the right atmosphere on each floor.

The bar does this not only by changing the style of music played at different times of day, but also through the addition of a piece of equipment called a 'Jellyfish', which sets and controls the volumes on each floor to ensure that everyone can enjoy the music on offer.

"If you offer the customer a superb quality product they will stay for longer, spend more money and come back for more".

Build on what works

Using the basement area as a forum for live music and DJs, Dogma has developed a collective of musicians who play in bands together and form the nucleus of the live sets that take place. They are often joined by additional musicians who travel from all over the UK and beyond.

Music has worked for Dogma, which has proven itself to be well deserving of the title of the PRS sponsored Publican Music Pub of the Year 2003.

With a well-structured music policy that any venue can use, Dogma has realised the benefits of using music to create the right atmosphere and attract customers.

Here are some of Dogma's top tips to help anyone considering using music in their venue:

  • Know what you want to achieve and don't compromise on the quality of music played

Treat DJs and musicians well

Use music carefully and thoughtfully.

For information on how you too can create the right atmosphere for your venue through the use of music and for advice on how to use music, contact:PRS 29-33 Berners StreetLondonW1T 3ABCall free on: 0800 068 48 28email:

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