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The following article is brought to you by Coors Brewers.An analysis to planning, implementing and evaluating your promotions and events.Begin with...

The following article is brought to you by Coors Brewers.

An analysis to planning, implementing and evaluating your promotions and events.

Begin with identifying the objective of your promotion. Do you want to attract new customers to your outlet on a particular night? A traffic-building promotion is required. Do you want to increase the rate of sale in your outlet? A transaction-building promotion. It is best to set the promotion objective, either a traffic or a transaction building promotions rather than using both objectives which can confuse the promotion and the customer. However, both objectives require thorough planning to ensure a successful event.

Traffic-building promotion

With a traffic-building promotion, you need to decide what new customers you want to bring into your outlet before setting the promotion. Are you looking to bring in a largely male audience who will want a sports linked promotion/event or a female audience who may enjoy a more music and interactive promotion.

For example, on a darts night, why not bring in a famous darts player like Eric Bristow who competes with customers who are willing to take the challenge. This will attract a different type of consumer compared to a signing session with Shane Richie (Alfie from EastEnders).

After deciding on the target customer, the next step is to decide on the promotion/event to meet the objective. A traffic-building promotion will need to attract new customers into the pub, hence communication outside the pub will be required. The forms of communication can include a chalkboard outside pub, a leaflet drop to local homes and other businesses in the area, adverts in local press, on radio, via the website or a mobile phone text message to target customers living within a three-mile radius of the pub.

Transaction-building promotion

Transaction-building promotions target existing drinkers in the pub and encourage them to increase their spend through things like premiumisation. Such promotions also allow you to focus on key products, to increase the rate of sale.

The outlet may organise the transaction building promotion, eg "happy hour" or "buy two glasses of wine and get the bottle free". The brewer or drinks company may also have transaction-building promotions to encourage customers to drink their product and increase the outlet profit.

In the run up to the event barstaff can communicate the date, time and promotion to existing customers, however point of sale should be used clearly in outlet to highlight the event. During the promotion/event, ensure that all bar and floorstaff are briefed on the event, welcome new customers to the bar, understand the mechanics of the event, the key benefits of the brand if promoting a particular product, or encourage customers to partake in the event.

Example questions to be considered when planning a promotion/event

  • Is extra stock required?

Ensure sufficient supply of all products: draught kegs in the cellar ready for use and quick change over during busy trading periods. All packaged beer is fully stocked in chillers and chillers turned on for a minimum of eight hours to ensure product is served at the optimum temperature. You only get one chance to impress a new customer so that they will return to your outlet.

Is extra glassware required?

Extra pint glasses or plastic glasses if an outdoor event. Are pint pitchers required to encourage customers to trade up to a larger purchase and save time queuing at the bar during busy trading periods or during a football match.

Are extra staff required during the event?

Extra bar and floorstaff ensure consumers aren't left waiting and are spending their money. Security staff may be required to ensure the safety and well-being of drinkers in the pub.

Should the pub layout be re-arranged?

Is extra seating required? Rearranging the pub is crucial when showing live football matches, firstly to ensure easy viewing of the screen and secondly to allow table service during the event, which will increase rate of sale.

After the event it is important to measure how successful the promotion/event was. With a traffic-building promotion this can be assessed on the night of promotion with the number of people visiting the pub and also in the days and weeks following the event to see if the customers return to the pub. With a transaction-building promotion, this is measured through the increase in rate of sale of the promoting products and pub profit.

Top Tips

  • What is the objective of the promotion?
  • Communicate the promotion/event internally and externally
  • Organise additional staff
  • Order extra stock and ensure ready for easy of serve
  • Evaluate the promotion/ event via sales uplift and number of new customers

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