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Angry licensees are dropping Sky after the recent increase in its Premiership Plus package.The hike will see licensees charged for the pay-per-view...

Angry licensees are dropping Sky after the recent increase in its Premiership Plus package.

The hike will see licensees charged for the pay-per-view package according to the rateable value of their pub, which in some cases will mean a rise of more than 400 per cent.

After a recent 18 per cent hike in the price of the basic package licensees have started to question whether they can justify the expense.

Lesley Waters, licensee at the Burton in Brixham, Devon, said: "We are taking it out. The whole thing is costing £5497 a year and as a back street pub we can't afford to pay that, we won't get the money back in custom."

Jane Taylor, licensee at the Prince of Wales in Walsall, West Midlands, added: "I was astounded to find it had jumped from £400 last year to £1,400 now. On top of the monthly subscription this would mean the weekly cost to us is in the region of £100.

"As a tiny public house there is no way we could ever claw this amount of money back so we have had to cancel Sky."

But fears over losing customers to other pubs who plan to keep Sky mean many will have to accept the new prices.

Bob Barber, licensee at the Damory Oak Inn in Blandford, Dorset, said: "It's mind boggling. But unless the whole country dropped it you wouldn't get away with it. I rely on it and although the rise won't be reflected in my trade I have been forced to stick with it."

Sky said the new Premiership Plus package is an optional service that offers licensees the choice of even more matches in addition to the 88 Premiership matches already included in the subscription package.

A spokesperson for Sky said: "This year Prem Plus gives pubs the opportunity of showing Premiership matches on a Saturday to complement the Sunday and Monday matches they already get as part of their subscription package.

Depending on your outlet, the Prem Plus Season ticket is the equivalent of only £16-36 per match."


We asked whether you will be subscribing to Premier Plus for the coming football season. Here's how you voted:
Yes: 10%
No - I will no longer subscribe as a result of the price rise: 64%
No - I will no longer subscribe for other reasons: 3%
No - I have never subscribed: 23%

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