Pub football screening 3-0 to Sky at half-time

By John Harrington

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Pub football screening 3-0 to Sky at half-time
The trade is hopeful the cost of screening live Premiership football could fall as the FA Premier League hands out its packages for 2007. Sky secured...

The trade is hopeful the cost of screening live Premiership football could fall as the FA Premier League hands out its packages for 2007.

Sky secured the first three packages today but there are still three up for grabs and other channels - including ITV and Setanta - are thought to be interested in bidding.

The trade hopes other providers will be able to break Sky's monopoly meaning more competition will force providers to reduce costs for showing football in pubs.

However, trade leaders warned the bidding process is not over and Sky could still win rights to five of the six packages.

Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers spokeswoman Kate Nicholls said: "I would imagine Sky will work hard to get the other packages.

"We would love more packages to be given to other companies. But we are only at half time and it's a game of two halves. Don't crack open the bubbly yet."

The new rights will start in 2007 and last for three years.

Neither the FAPL, Sky nor other bidders are commenting on the bidding process until the conclusions of the second round of bidding.

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Your CommentsN H Green​ via email 28/04/2006"Whatever the outcome with Sky & other companies involved with the rights to show live matches the small business publican will always come off worse. I am currently paying over £6,500 a year and some days don't even get a live match to watch. This will be my last season with SKY and cannot understand why every government in power has not acted to stop this absolute rip off."

N.H.GreenBlack Dog InnOadby.

Chris Trace​ via email 02/05/2006"Sky tv we have Prem plus and the normal package based on our rateable value - it means 390 a month at the moment....."

Evan Sutherland​ via email 02/05/2006"I had Sky in 3 pubs until last year when Sky increased thier prices yet again, the straw that broke the camels back! My smallest pub was expected to pay £8k and the 2 others were to be charged 12k, based on rateable value according to Sky.

I really do hope Sky do not get the 6 packages as thier current monopoly is a downright disgrace!!"

Thomas Delaney​ via email 02/05/2006"I pay Sky £4200 per year and get an average of 10 customers per game. Very rarely do I get 40.

Carol Knott​ via email 02/05/2006"We pay £511.85 for Sky."

John Vegh​ via email 02/05/2006"I stopped sky over a year ago, as the pricing was to high for my pub, which has three floors and only one floor was used to watch football. I hope they lose the franchise in 2007.

p.s. i also stoped sky at home."

Paul Marshall​ via email 02/05/2006 "We are paying over £600 per month now for sky. Any more price increase and it will have to go."

Paul Rollins​ via email 02/05/2006"We have had to have it taken out of our club. £400 per month too much for a small social club!"

Stuart Staples​ via email 02/05/2005"I pay for sky at my pub £640. Plus vat per month and then £1800. per year for premier plus this is due to my rateable value being £29000. per year

I hope other tv channels win some rights to screen football, and i hope they don`t go ppv with them."

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