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PubChef takes you through some quick and simple solutions

Délifrance UK has added two new healthy-eating breads to its portfolio.

Following the launch of its reduced-salt baguette, Délifrance has launched the DéliVital range, which comprises the Vitality seeded baguette and the Omega-3 white baguette.

The Vitality baguette is packed with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ and fibre, offering a natural source of vitamins B1 and B9

(folic acid), and minerals such as magnesium, iron and fibre.

The Omega-3 baguette is a good source of fibre and Omega-3 itself is an essential fatty acid, vital for maintaining a healthy heart.

For pubs looking to offer something different during the World Cup why not try the company's new polar bread, which is shaped like a football.

For more information contact Délifrance on 0116 257 1871.

Vittles Foods has launched an olive oil and polenta cake, which joins a 60-strong range of products.

Martin Zalesny, director of the company and former pastry chef at several Michelin-starred restaurants, says: "Although it's a very traditional Italian recipe, I think people are attracted by the savoury nature of the ingredients. Once you try it, though, you realise that it isn't savoury at all but, in fact, a really sweet, moist cake with a slight crunch - a cake that is just perfect with a cup of good coffee."

For more information contact Vittles on 0116 246 1951

or visit www.vittlesfoods.co.uk

Woodward Foodservice has added three desserts to its portfolio.

The products are all pre-cut and are thaw-and-serve products. Woodward's Americano truffle is a rich chocolate sponge topped with layers of dark chocolate truffle, coffee and milk chocolate mousse, and finished with chocolate fudge and dark chocolate shavings. The product costs £17.22 per

full cake, which provides 14 portions.

Woodward's zesty lime cheesecake is a lime and cream cheese

mousse on a muesli base, topped with white chocolate flakes. The cake costs £16.80 per full cake. Woodward's cherry pie is a traditional dessert with a shortcrust pastry exterior, packed full of juicy cherries. It can

be served hot or cold. The cherry pie costs £21.60 per case.

For more information contact 0870 600 6465.

Bel Foodservice has added syrtos, a mild, Greek-style diced cheese to its range.

The cheese is made from pasteurised cow's milk and is an ideal alternative to traditional feta cheese.

According to AC Nielsen, demand for feta is growing in Europe thanks to its use as an inspiration for new recipes and the convenience factor of putting ready-made feta cubes into salads.

Naturally matured in brine, Bel's syrtos cheese dice have a firm texture and are available in resealable packaging. The pre-cut dice also save on valuable preparation time.

Each syrtos dice is between 2g-4g, making them an ideal size for a range of menu ideas - from filled pittas and paninis to pizzas and salads. The 1kg packs offer enough cheese to prepare around 35 salads.

For more information call 01622 774800 or visit www.bel-uk.co.uk

Sweet Temptations has added two new sizes to its elegant range of crystal sugar sticks. Now available in latte and expresso sizes - as well as demi-tasse and standard - the sugar sticks are offered in white or brown sugar. Coloured and flavoured sticks can also be supplied.

The crystal sugar sticks are one of more than 200 confectionery, food and drink products available from Sweet Temptations, which can feature the exclusive branding of any pub.

For more information call 0845 658 0202.

Kikkoman, has launched a one-litre PET bottle of its soy sauce for caterers. The bottle has a twisted "waist" to make it easier to grip and pour in a busy kitchen environment.

Ben Briody, UK sales and marketing manager of Kikkoman's UK, says: "Caterers told us a one-litre pack was their preferred size and they love

the practicality of this new bottle, which is very difficult to drop accidentally, even with wet hands."

The new bottle replaces Kikkoman's 1.25-litre PET and one-litre glass bottles.

The one-litre PET bottle is the biggest-selling format in Japan, where consumption of soy sauce tops 10 litres a year per person.

Kikkoman is made from soy beans, wheat, salt and water - which are allowed to ferment naturally over several months. There are no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

For more information call Jenks Sales Brokers 01844 293600.

Kitchen Range Foods has launched a spicy bean burger.

Matt Godbold, marketing manager at Kitchen Range Foods, says: "Spicy bean burgers are all too often very bland and contain little in the way of recognisable vegetables. Our new burger is packed full of delicious ingredients such as cannellini and red kidney beans, carrots and green peppers, plus a selection of spices."

The burger can be oven-baked or deep-fried therefore offering convenience and ease of preparation for chefs. With just 1.3g of saturated fat per 100g, when baked the product is also an ideal offering for more health-conscious customers.

For more information contact 01480 445900.

Farm Frites has launched a new Yes Fry brand, which aims to give caterers faster cooking times, healthier options and greater yield of chips per box.

By frying in half the time, and with an extra 25% yield, equal to 15 portions, per box, this new product enables operators in outlets where time is of the essence to maximise their profit in the minimum amount of time.

And with an eye to the current stance on fats in food, Yes Fry requires 22% to 32% less fat than pre-fried chips, which means they are healthier.

Nadia Adrien Farm Frites commercial director says: "Farm Frites has developed this new product to say 'Yes' to demands from caterers and consumers. A healthier chip that can be cooked quicker and provides greater profits satisfies the current trends for healthier food and eating on the go, as well as presenting excellent opportunities for caterers."

For more information contact TO ADD

Brakes has launched six new Indian dishes under a Premiere brand developed exclusively for the company by experienced Indian chefs, and made to authentic recipes with spices sourced from India.

These new dishes give the caterer a great opportunity to offer its customers premium authentic Indian cuisine with little effort as all can be microwaved or oven baked.

The range includes: king prawn Balchao curry; chicken Goan curry; Saag paneer and Bombay potato; Malabar chicken curry; Khatte meethe aloo and Tandoori chicken roti flatbread, and lamb Masala curry.

For more information contact 0845 606 9090.

Loxtons has added six new dishes to its sous-vide range of products. The dishes are Kashmiri lamb shank, pork fore-rib in orange and cinnamon sauce, salmon fillet with white wine and chive sauce, ricotta cannelloni with spinach and goat's cheese and bean, celery and coriander chilli.

For more information contact 0161 4741444.

Knorr has added a range of clear bouillons to its existing paste range.

The bouillons add flavour to a dish without affecting its natural colour. The product is ideal for chefs who want to keep their sauces and soups free from artificial colours. Amy Fisher, product manager at Unilever Foodsolutions, says: "We are allowing chefs to create traditional dishes without compromising on colour. When making a white sauce, colour can have an enormous affect on the end result and the customers' eating experience alike. Now chefs can have the best of both worlds - full flavour and the colour they desire."

The product is available in three versions: clear chicken; clear vegetable, and clear fish and is supplied in cases of 2x1kg packs.

For more information visit www.unileverfoodsolutions.co.uk

or call 0800 783 3728.

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