Wolves pubs to ditch Sky over costs

By Iain O'Neil

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Wolves reportedly planning to halve its subscriptions because of Sky's prices. NEW COMMENT

Wolverhampton & Dudley is reportedly considering removing Sky Sports from half its pubs because of the prices charged by the satellite provider.

Ralph Findlay, the chief executive of the pub company, said: "It's a ridiculous cost. It's got to a point where you make more money taking it out than putting it in."

The company said it was prepared to lose some football watching customers in order to concentrate on winning new families as part of its plans to grow after the smoke ban.

Wolves also feels there may be less call for Sky in the Midlands after two of the region's teams dropped out of the top division.

It said the cost to it of showing the matches has increased by £400,000 in the first half of the year - a 20pc increase on last year's figure.

These costs came on top of a £2.5m increase in the company's utilities bill and a further £1m increase in wage costs.

A spokesman for Sky Sports told the Telegraph newspaper: "Pubs choose Sky because we give great service. It's good value for money."

Your CommentsBarry Murphy​ via email 29/05/2006"I currently pay sky over £9000.pa for the privilege to screen premiership football in my establishment.I refused to sign up for premiership plus at an extra £2000.pa.

We are a traditional country pub that serves food and in our bar area the maximum viewing capacity is 50.I know sky work on rateable value but how can a club 2 miles away that can hold a viewing capacity of 500 only pay £ 4000 .

Robert Feal-Martinez​ via email 30/05/2006"Sky is a monolith that should be confined to the bin by most pubs. The reality is that if liocensees actually sat down and worked out what it is costing them in real terms they would be shocked. If you are paying £500/month for SKY the minimum you need to take over and above your normal take would be £1500/month. Think about how many extra pints of beer you would need to sell. The sad reality is that when organisations like the BII give Sky credibility by accepting sponsorship whether it is the BII's intention or not Sky will exploit this. In reality Sky would not care if all the pubs in the country pulled the plug because more home viewers would get it."

Glynn Jones​ via email 30/05/2006"About time somebody give Sky something to think about, well done."

Carl Cadus​ via email 30/05/2006"Well done to wolves pubs, sky is now unaffordable for most pubs

we stopped showing sky at the start of last season because it was about £10,000 to purchase it's about time we all stood together and stopped all the companies that rip us off from making huge profits"

Winton Simpson​ via email 30/05/2006"I see Sky have come out with the same comment it usally does "because we give great service. It's good value for money."

Get a new script writer or start living in the real world. we sent several e-mails months ago to sky business enquiring on HDTV costs for our pub. we know it got deliverd and skys service was excellent.


fantasic service. what a load of C**P

Ray Seager​ via email 30/05/2006"Value for money" "great service" we pay over £6000 per year, for probably 6 or 7 games that appeal to our area, Bolton v WBA in NE Kent brings in exactly nil return."

Declan Sheeran​ via email 30/05/2006"Well done W+D on seeing the light

For every £1.00 spent £2.60 has to back over the bar to break even

Sky are not great value for money and the sooner their monopoly is broken the better.

Intrestingly Sky's current highest charge to pubs in Ireland is e521 per month

They can't supply Spain directly but one sight based in Germany has never had a customer cut off by Sky who it says ' it is unlikely Sky will investigate any customer as long as he or she pays the subscription fees.' enough said

JohnPaul Watters​ via email 30/05/2006"Why dont we all get together as a united group and fix a date to remove Sky from our pub's. We could all go down the foreign route and still have football at much reduced costs. I'd like to see them take thousand's of us to court if they were not making millions from us and even if they did we would be able to afford the costs because of the savings we'd make with no Sky."

Norman Green​ via email 31/05/2006"With regards to W & D pulling the plug on Sky, I just wonder why it has taken so long for a large company like this to realise what a rip off Sky TV is. We had it installed five years ago and have been in a catch 22 situation ever since. Now I too have decided enough is enough. My customers just don't understand what cost is involved showing Sky TV and are now asking for large Flat Screens for the world cup. Sky has just lost another £6,500 which is better in my bank account than theirs. Now I can afford a new flat screen."

John Vegh​ via email 31/05/2006"Comment:I agree with Wolverhampton & Dudly if more took the same stance maby they would lower their prices to a more reasonable pricing."

Ritchie​ via email 31/05/.2006"I've said every year that i'm taking sky out, due to the charges, but this time i mean it, just pick a date, the sooner the better and i'm in on the 'pull the plug on sky day'. Then i can go on another two cruises a year. No problem ! Who's booking up with me?"

T C Savage​ via email 01/06/2006"I have run one of the most successful pubs in my area for last twenty two years. The key to Success? No SKY - No Pool - No Darts - No Music! I have trusted to this formula in spite of ever growing competition from Pubcos, Wine Bars and whatever the new Licensing laws can throw at me. Keep it simple. keep it good and you'll be amazed at the results."

Ritchie​ via email 01/06/2006"Updating everyone on my email earlier this week, i have since spoken to Sky, my cancellation letter is typed up ready to fax on Friday 02/06/06, giving 30 days notice, so that's me GONE. Hope everyone else works their figures out, and find it.s just not worth it. In fact it's a RIP-OFF. Well, i'm now off to book a Caribbean cruise, and it will not cost me a penny, with what i will save. Think about it. I am also going to have a new LCD TV for the bar & lounge"

Roger Meakins​ via email 05/06/2006"Re sky tv. concrats to everyone who is taking sky out of there pub's / club's. i am expecting my charge's to go up another £500 just for prem plus, well they know what they can do with that! where is the good service & value? wake up sky."

S Richardson​ via email 09/06/2006"Well done w&d sky say it,s good value for money but what do you get apart from football NOTHING NOWT DIDDLY SQUAT"

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