Licencee's attacker crys his way out of jail

By Iain O'Neil

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Licencee's attacker crys his way out of jail
A licensee has spoken of his anger after a man who glassed him was spared jail when he cried in front of a judge. Daniel Hardman, 21, from Leigh,...

A licensee has spoken of his anger after a man who glassed him was spared jail when he cried in front of a judge.

Daniel Hardman, 21, from Leigh, Greater Manchester, broke down at Liverpool crown court after being sentenced to six months for throwing a pint glass into Christopher Glover's face.

His tears prompted the judge to suspend his original six-month sentence and instead give Hardman community service.

Glover described the judge's decision as "ridiculous".

He told the Guardian: "He has given a green light for people to attack landlords."

"My job is hard enough as it is without people thinking they can attack me and then get away with it by turning on the waterworks in court."

Glover, licensee of the Wheatsheaf in Leigh, added: "Would the judge be so forgiving of it was him that had been attacked with a pint glass in front of his kids? If it had been normal glass, instead of toughened glass, it would have cut my face to pieces.

"A lot of people would have given him a hiding, but I can't do that because I would lose my job, whether I cried or not. I did things by the book, and he's totally got away with it. That's British justice for you."

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Your CommentsRobert Feal-Martinez​ via email 10/07/2006"We seeing on a daily basis that as licensees we are truly on our own. We are expected to uphold the highest of standards when in reality the bulk of the coaus of trouble eminates as we from elsewhere and when we do that what happens. Is it any wonder that experienced peopl are leaving the trade."

Ken Nason​ via email 10/07/2006"This is indicative of the society that hard working licensees now find themselves and a product of this governments social engineering style which verges on the criminal.

A society where the hard working law abiding are called to account for the actions of the lawless and to pay the price for minor infringements.

A society where there is no protection or recompence for the wronged law abiding and full protect for those who choose to flaunt societies rules.

A society where those who commit the offence are punishement free (buying under age) and those who unwittingly enable(selling underage) are prosecuted to the letter of the law and could loose their home and livelyhoods.

Am I the only one who can see something wrong here, and a sick society? Or is it that I had the benefit of being raised by parents and family who taught me the meaning of fairness and justice in a society that should reward the good and punish the person who did wrong?

If that means I am an old fashioned dinosoaur then I am immensley proud to be so."

E B Cant​ via email 10/07/2006"This decision to let this person for a better name get away with community work, only highlights the frustration of us common people also the police who has brought this case to court only to be let down by the axxholes of people in power, britain has now become the shxtpit of europe and this decision by this judge only highlights the problems. and guess what, after this judge has read all the comments and the unfairness of this decision, he or she will still think they made the right decision, what chance do we have."

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