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Unilever Foodsolutions has added to its Knorr portfolio with the launch of Knorr Fine Gravy Granules. Available for both poultry and meat dishes,...

Unilever Foodsolutions has added to its Knorr portfolio with the launch of Knorr Fine Gravy Granules.

Available for both poultry and meat dishes, Knorr's Fine Gravy Granules are quick and easy to prepare - just add boiling water.

Chefs who want to create a little individuality with their gravy can add ingredients such as herbs, wine and roasting-pan juices.

Gravy made using Knorr Fine Gravy Granules also delivers in health terms. It is lower in salt, gluten-free, has no added monosodium glutamate or artificial colours and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. With only 0.75g of salt per 100ml prepared, it has one of the lowest salt levels on the market.

Knorr Fine Gravy Granules are available in two flavours - chicken (3 x 8.5 litre packs) and beef (3 x 8.5 and 4 x 17.5 litre packs).

The company has also launched three new 12-inch Premiere wood-fired pizzas in its Knorr Collezione Italiana range.

The range includes salami, ham, mozzarella & rocket, BBQ chicken & mixed peppers and Mediterranean vegetable & mascarpone . Every pizza is individually handcrafted in Italy, so no two look the same. The thin and crispy wood-fired bases are hand-thrown from a freshly-proven dough ball and baked in a wood-fired oven before being frozen. The pizzas take eight to 10 minutes to cook in a standard oven, with no need for specialist pizza equipment.

To support the launch of its new product, Knorr is offering point-of-sale material - tent cards, beer mats, specials boards and banners, a free menu service and discounts on counter-top ovens, cutters and utensils.

For more information call 0800 783 3728 or visit Kikkoman' target='_Blank'> Kikkoman​ has launched a less-salt variant of its soy sauce. The company, which claims to be the world's biggest producer of soy sauce, says growing consumer concern over healthy eating has prompted it to launch its less-salt variant.

The new formulation is made using a special fermentation process which retains the unique flavour and aroma of Kikkoman's original soy sauce but contains 43% less salt. Like the original, there are no artificial colourings or flavourings.

Alastair Little, owner of Tavola delicatessen in Notting Hill, says: "Health concerns aside, the reduction in salt makes it easier to balance the flavours in cooking, so I'm sure a lot of chefs will appreciate those qualities. Kikkoman's original soy sauce that we all know and love can retain its place as a dipping sauce to accompany cooked food."

He demonstrated the sauce as an addition to a fillet of beef and spring onion dish, and in a dish of marinated tiger prawns grilled with lemon, ginger, garlic, chilli and lightly-cooked dressed vegetables.

Less Salt is available in Kikkoman's iconic 150ml dispenser for table-top use, with a distinctive green cap and labelling to differentiate it from the original red-capped bottle. It is also available in one-litre PET format (available from September 2006).

For more information call Jenks Sales Brokers on 01844 293600

3663 First for Foodservice has introduced a range of whole and expertly- prepared fresh fish for caterers.

The new range and brochure, Just Fresh Fish, features a range of flat and round fish, salmon, trout and exotics.

The extensive choice includes flat fish, whole Dover or lemon sole and halibut fillets; round fish, cod loins and fillets, smoked haddock fillets and monkfish tails; exotic tuna and swordfish steaks and varieties of pink fish.

Vanessa Millard, 3663 frozen, fresh & chilled marketing manager, says: "Consumers are looking for more sophisticated dishes when dining out of home. As well as cod and tuna, we've included exotics such as swordfish steaks and red snapper fillets."

The new fresh fish lines are expertly prepared and available in a range of preparatory methods such as skinned, skin on, pin-boned, scaled and gutted. Pre-portioned products ensure minimal wastage.

For more information contact 0870 3663 000.

Bakehouse, supplier of premium Continental bake-off pastries, has launched miniature versions of its best-selling all-butter, chocolate and almond croissants.

The pastries have been devised in response to demand from caterers for mini products to provide as part of breakfast service or as a variety with morning coffee.

The minis are produced near Lille in France. Bakehouse uses a long dough-resting system which replicates the method an artisan French baker would use to hand-make a croissant. This process gives it a light, open, dough structure with a rich, buttery flavour.

Available in a selection case comprising 36 of each of the three varieties, the croissants bake off from frozen in just 15 minutes.

Kate Raison, Bakehouse marketing director, says: "Bakehouse croissants are celebrated - Raymond Blanc says they are the best he has tasted outside his own kitchen - and our new mini-versions are meeting consumer tastes for trying mini-treats or indulging in more than one croissant at once."

For information call 0800 234034

or visit COMPANY' target='_Blank'> COMPANY​ WATER is offering pubs the chance to brand their own bottles of mineral water with their own logos and promotional messages.

The company says the concept has proved an enormous success across Europe since its launch in 2005, but this is the first time that the UK leisure industry has been able to have small quantities produced in a cost-effective way.

Company Water's David Wolstenholme says: "Major operators like the pub chains often use branded bottles as part of their promotional activity. Not only does this new initiative make it cheaper than ever for them to do so, it also allows single outlets to produce their own designs tailored for their own individual local markets.

"The potential uses for the leisure industry are extremely diverse. Overseas we have bars running sales promotions using branded bottles and gyms issuing their own branded water to their members as part of the customer experience."

The company sources most of its water from an award-winning spring in Mid-Wales and also uses sources in Scotland and England.

Bottles are available in PET or glass and in shapes and sizes to suit customer requirements. Branded fruit juices, flavoured water and energy drinks can also be produced.

For more information contact 0161 968 6999

BRAKES has launched three pasta products - two large ravioli panzotti and a ravioli girasole, named after the Italian word for sunflower. All three frozen products are very quick and easy to prepare.

They require only minutes to cook before serving, offer great portion control, need minimum skill and labour and taste great when served either as a starter or as a main course.

The two ravioli panzotti products are goats' cheese, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato & black olive panzotti, and pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato panzotti. Both come in triangular casings of yellow pasta.

Brakes Smoked Salmon & Crayfish Girasole consists of smoked salmon and crayfish with a mascarpone and ricotta cheese sauce encased in large yellow pasta sunflower shapes.

The company has also launched its spicy Bloody Mary vodka bites, which can be used in combos and buffets. The product is a blend of tomato, mature Cheddar cheese and onion coated in a crispy crumb. The bites are ideal for oven-baking or deep-frying.

For more information contact 0845 6069090

Booker Cash & Carry has launched a premium range of North Atlantic frozen fish from Faroe Seafood.

The initial 12-strong range is available in all 165 Booker outlets.

Faroe Seafood has launched cod, haddock, coley, smoked haddock, lemon sole and plaice fillets, whole and gutted sea bass, wild salmon steaks, smoked haddock and tuna supremes.

Faroe Seafood managing director Birgir Kass says they worked closely with Booker to select the opening range.

"This fish is of the highest quality from the cool, clear waters of

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