Guide to help pub staff deal with violence

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Guide to help pub staff deal with violence
BIIAB issues a 'good practice guide' for physical interventions.

BIIAB, the leading awarding body for the licensed retail sector has issued a 'good practice guide' addressing the contentious issue of physical interventions.

The guide has been given the thumbs up from DAC Chris Allison of the Association of Chief Police Officers and from the Security Industry Authority.

This publication is a response to the absence of guidance on physical intervention​Cathie Smith, director of BIIAB.

It is designed for owners or operators of licensed premises where staff may use physical interventions or for providers of security staff to licensed premises.

It was developed by a project group chaired by Bill Fox from leading conflict management specialists, Maybo.

The group consisted of subject specialists and key stakeholders including representatives from the security industry, the licensed trade, health bodies and the police. The aim of the guidance is to reduce the incidence and impact of injury from physical violence to employees and customers through promoting good practice and better training.

It also gives practical steps that can be taken to minimize risk.

It covers:* Assessing risk* Reducing risk* Policy and guidance* Assessing training needs* Selecting and delivering physical interventions training

Cathie Smith, director of BIIAB, said: "This publication is a response to the absence of guidance on physical intervention which has been a significant concern for all stakeholders.

"Door supervisors and frontline staff need the knowledge and skills to do their jobs safely and effectively."

DAC Chris Allison, head of licensing portfolio for ACPO, said: "I would encourage all employers, whether they are security providers or operators, to consider this guidance and its relevance to their operation. It is an important step in protecting employees, customers and businesses in this significant area of risk."

Copies are available from BIIAB and Skills for Security at a price of £5 excluding P&P.

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