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John Martin, product marketing manager, Prime Meats: October is that time of year when many people are looking for rich warming winter stews, pies...

John Martin, product marketing manager, Prime Meats:​ October is that time of year when many people are looking for rich warming winter stews, pies and Sunday roasts. By the start of the month we will already be well into the game season, so game casseroles and pies will be appearing on menus along with pheasant, partridge and venison in various guises.

Despite its sometimes upmarket image, game can be a very good value on menus - oven-ready pheasants can cost as little as £2.50 and will easily provide two portions.

Alan Edmeades, product marketing manager, M&J:​ Most commonly found in fresh waters, rainbow trout can also thrive in sea water, and is now being successfully reared by select fisheries around Shetland's rugged coastline.

As with sea trout, fresh sea-reared rainbow trout benefit greatly from the stronger currents and salt water, which provide a delicious, less earthy flavour, richer colour and meatier texture. These superb 2-3kg fish yield good-sized fillets, and can be cooked as per any sea trout, rainbow trout or salmon recipe.

Rachel Sewter, marketing manager, Pauleys: ​Celebrate a true British favourite by incorporating Bramley apples into your menu during October. Harvesting of the Bramleys takes place at this time of year and Bramley Apple Pie Week is from October 5

to 12. Bramley apples are ideal for hot puddings as they retain their wonderful apple flavour during the cooking process. Look for Bramleys with a clean and firm appearance.

Bramleys are loved for the fluffiness of their flesh when cooked and are perfect for making pies and crumbles. For a decadent Bramley apple crumble, try adding flaked almonds and lemon zest for a crunchy, tangy taste.

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