LIVE: Pubco Protest march on parliament

By Ewan Turney & Gemma McKenna

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Protest: march on Parliament today
Protest: march on Parliament today
Live updates and photos from the Pubco Protest march on Parliament today. Angry tied pub tenants are demanding urgent action on rents and the beer tie.

1349 - We are leaving. Ward says she is happy with the publicity but disappointed with turnout.

1326 - Inez Ward explains why she believes the tie is unfair to a passer by.

1323 - The shout of why are we here, we want cheaper beer goes up.

1319 - Ian Ross of Enterprise Conquering Hero says he wants to buy his pub but has been turned down three times.

1258 - A few Fair Pinters arrived but turn out still not huge. Now the rain is falling.

1240 - Channel 5 filming documentary on death of British pub. BBC also filming Inside out show.

1228 - Paul Daley says beer prices are outrageous. Pubcos are a hangover from feudal system.

1212 - Not much action here as we await arrival of the mystery bus. Paul Daley who gave evidence to BEC has just arrived. I count 11 here at moment discounting journalists.

1150 - more tenants on way down apparently. Bus is broken down somewhere. Some placards also on way. Freedom2choose have arrived to voice opposition to smoking ban.

1139 - Russell Camp of Wheatsheaf in Thornbury. Enterprise lessee says he can accept rent levels but beer prices are too unfair.

1118 - Bill Sharp of GMV is here to see what is going on. He says next year will be really tough. Says it's wrong that tenants are charged so much for beer. About 15 here now.

1102- first six spotted. This day is for tenants says Inez Ward. More tenants expected soon.

1037-still none spotted. Are all tenants happy? Have seen an old lady protesting about fuel bills though. Too right it's freezing here.

956 - We are here at Westminster on a damp cold day awaiting arrival of angry pubco tenants. None spotted yet. Bus is delayed and they will arrive shortly.

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