BBPA in Olympics transport warning

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BBPA in Olympics transport warning
The summer of 2012 cannot be treated as ‘business as usual’, the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has warned the Transport Select Committee in its call for evidence on transport and the Olympics.

The trade association has raised concerns including the impact of night-time deliveries, licence conditions, parking charges and staffing issues.

The BBPA said that, while the Games lasts for only four weeks, the gap between the Olympics and the Para-lympic Games means that  most pubs will be forced to change their deliveries over an eight-week period.

The BBPA also raised “serious concern” about licence conditions on premises, which prevent deliveries at certain times of the night. It called for licensing authorities to suspend these restrictions during the Games.

In the submission, it said: “These conditions should never have been placed on licences in the first place. If pubs tried to amend this condition for the period of the Games this could cost £500, and would not necessarily be successful.”

Transport issues will also have a knock-on impact on staffing, not just getting people to work, but the impact of operational changes on deliveries. It is particularly concerned that there may be an overlap between closing time and the time of a delivery.

“This could result in staff having to take a delivery while still having customers in the pubs,” the BBPA said.

It said there is a “significant degree of uncertainty” about travel arrangements around the Olympic venues — making it difficult for brewers and pubs to plan.

Transport issues will present a logistical challenge as beer is sold in kegs and casks, which are heavy, and health and safety legislation means deliveries must be made from the immediate vicinity of the outlet.

It also called for leniency over penalty-charge notices for delivery drivers, claiming there will be “genuine mistakes” made due to the Olympic Route Network and said a “light-touch approach” needs to be taken on parking fines, as there may be no alternative but for delivery drivers to park in prohibited areas.

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