Norwich to continue voluntary breathalyser scheme 'indefinitely'

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Around 25 venues in Norwich currently take part in the initiativ
Around 25 venues in Norwich currently take part in the initiativ
Norwich Constabulary will continue to encourage pubs and clubs to breathalyse customers after receiving positive feedback from the trade and other police forces about its pilot scheme.

Late-night venues in the city began using breathalysers at the end of November 2013 as part of a month-long trial in a bid to raise awareness of issues around pre-loading and binge drinking.

Inspector Edward Brown from the force’s licensing team said the pilot “continues and will do indefinitely". He added that the constabulary has either been contacted or sent information about the scheme to 25 other police forces in England and Wales, and received one enquiry from police officers in Queensland, Australia.

Around 25 venues in Norwich currently take part in the initiative, which involves door staff asking customers to take a breathalyser test before they are allowed to enter premises.

Posters reading ‘Are you trollied? #DeepBreath’ and explaining the scheme have also been displayed in venues.

'Positive feedback'

“We continue to have positive feedback from the trade about the usage of breathalysers as a screening tool at the entrance to premises,” Brown said.

“It is down to the discretion of the premises how the device is used and has continued to be a useful tool in diffusing arguments over sobriety.

“We are aware of a number of areas around the country looking at implementing the scheme themselves.”

Licensees in the town previously told the Publican’s Morning Advertiser that they welcomed the scheme as it encourages people to drink less before they visit pubs and it is a helpful tool to justify refusing customers entry.

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interesting concept

Posted by Ken Nason,

Whatever next? BMI checks before entering a restaurant or fast food outlet?

Wonder who has decided what the acceptable reading might be to allow entry.

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Remember When

Posted by RFM,

Pubs had breath test machines and the police went ballistic claiming it encouraged people to drink more if the blew a negative

Strange how times change.

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Posted by Mike Coleman,

There's only one machine that counts and that's at the police station. Anything else is meaningless and could lead to a false sense of security for the wayward driver. The fact that this is used by venues and encouraged by the police is downright irresponsible of them both.

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