UKIP demands new food allergen laws are 'chucked out with the beer slops'

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UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall has hit out at the new food allergen laws
UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall has hit out at the new food allergen laws
UKIP has called for the new EU food allergen laws due to come into force in less than two months' time to be ditched.

The party's deputy leader and pro-pub campaigner Paul Nuttall has expressed misgivings over what he labelled the "nannying behaviour being imposed by Brussels".

From 13 December, the EU Food Information Regulations will make it necessary for pubs to tell customers if a menu item contains traces of any of 14 different allergens.

The British Hospitality Association has warned that the new laws could cost the industry £200m a year.

"As if licensees don't have enough to cope with trying to make a living these days without more nannying behaviour being imposed by Brussels," said Nuttal.

"There may be scope for warnings on foods as it is not always obvious which contain, for example, nuts but we don't need interference from the EU. We can and do already sensibly deal with that ourselves in this country.

"Having to display allergen information for beer and wine will cause extra costs, disruption and inconvenience to landlords and is a waste of time. As well as knowing what foods to avoid people know which drinks to steer clear off. I'm sure those with a gluten intolerance know to avoid beer and those sensitive to sulphite know it's frequently in wine."

'Chucked out'

Research shows that many in the licensed trade are still unaware of the new laws and could face an unlimited fine if they fail to provide the necessary information.

"Licensses have a daily struggle to keep going in the face of taxes and unfair competition with supermarkets and off licences and this will just add to their woes," he added.

"It should be chucked out with the beer slops."

UKIP has positioned itself as a pro-pub party and previously pledged to review pubco beer prices and introduce flexibility on the smoking ban.

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Ignoring the big issues ?

Posted by Graham Bell,

Think you are right RFM.

Be it Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP (other parties are available LOL) nothing will change of any real significance, until we are offered trusted politicians, focussed on upholding and restoring principles of fairness to all they are elected (now employed) to serve.

Normal working hours/weeks, paid holidays, sickness, pensions and other RIGHTS earned (indeed fought for) previously, continue to be deliberately removed, leaving the weakest in our society once again vulnerable.

It will be a sad day if another Government is elected, directly or indirectly, on side issues, important as they are to us individually.

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Passing the buck ?

Posted by Graham Bell,

Instead of saying now what they intend to change, all Parties will hide behind a referendum and blame the electorate for the result, either way.

That is why no party will now vote against a referendum.

If our future is to be decided on the few narrow issues now discussed we fall into the trap, and future Governments will continue to sidestep all responsibility.

In Opposition, they all object to one policy or another. In Government, how often do they uphold the objection and reverse or change practice?

Each party must now voice clear intent on all issues, before deserving your vote.

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Yer what Dave ?

Posted by The way Forward,

David, not to sure what makes you think that you know what my politics are? You appear to think that you know who I am? Does not really matter neither am I concerned. Just get on with my humble life as best as I am able and try not to hurt others along the journey. You will gather that I am against being part of the EU which is common ground for UKIP the Tory boys. Going to meet up with some pals down at one of their pubs now. It will be packed for early doors by 4pm. A pint of draught ale and packet of pork scratching is the call of the day. Have a good weekend ole fruit.

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