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Case studies published in the PMA show that, in many cases, the agent of change principle is not being adopted
Case studies published in the PMA show that, in many cases, the agent of change principle is not being adopted
The Publican’s Morning Advertiser’s (PMA) has teamed up with the Music Venue Trust (MVT) and is calling on licensees to sign a petition urging the Government to introduce an agent-of-change principle.

The PMA​’s Make Some Noise campaign wants this principle to be adopted meaning people moving close to an existing pub would be responsible for soundproofing their homes, rather than the onus being on licensees.

The petition​ calls for the legislation to be adopted to prevent, what it claims, will be an “avalanche” of businesses closing down. Although aimed predominantly at live music venues, it calls for the principle to be adopted for all businesses, including pubs, that are under threat due to noise complaints. At the time of going to press, more than 28,000 people had signed the petition.

Minister response

Noise minister Dan Rogerson has written to the MVT and — for the first time — responded to the idea of an agent-of-change principle.

The letter, seen by the PMA​, states: “It should be in the commercial interests of any developer wishing to market and sell new residential accommodation to take into account nearby noise, and to address that via appropriate mitigation mechanisms, (eg, glazing and other noise insulation measures).”

He added that local authorities can already attach conditions to a planning decision to ensure the development does not prejudice the operations of neighbouring businesses.

However, case studies published in the PMA​ show that, in many cases, this principle is not being adopted.

MVT co-founder Mark Davyd said: “As more and more people sign the petition we can see the language of Government is changing. First they said ‘everything is fine’. Then at 10,000 signatures we were given a more open response, but it was still evasive about changes. The latest is the first time they have mentioned ‘agent of change’ specifically, which shows if we ramp up the pressure on Government, we might actually get some movement on legislation.”


To promote signatures to the petition, MVT is staging a Thunderclap, to unite as many social media accounts as possible to tweet and post together with the same message. To get involved with the event, which will take place on Saturday 8 November at 7:30pm, visit the Thunderclap link here​.

Venues Day

MVT is hosting Venues Day on 9 December to celebrate independent outlets and discuss the agent-of-change principle.

The event at London’s Southbank Centre will include a discussion with speakers including Lisa Lavia, managing director at the Noise Abatement Society; Howard Price, principal policy officer at  the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health; and Dom Frazer, licensee at the Boileroom in Guildford, Surrey. Email for details.

Join campaign to change the law
■ Sign the petition at​.
■ To get involved in the PMA​’s Make Some Noise​ campaign email or call 01293 610305.
■ You can also tweet using #pubsnoise and download a template letter below to complete and send to your local MP.

Make Some Noise letter

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