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UKIP calls for return of pub smoking rooms

By Ellie Bothwell

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UKIP calls for return of pub smoking rooms
The UK Independent Party (UKIP) has unveiled a range of policies for pubs, including opposing the minimum pricing of alcohol and allowing pubs to introduce smoking rooms.

It said it would give pubs and clubs the choice to open smoking rooms, provided they are “properly ventilated and physically separated from non-smoking areas”. It added: “Workers must not be required to enter smoking areas except for cleaning and other essential purposes when they are not in use.”

A poll by think-tank the Institute of Economic Affairs earlier this year found that 51% of the public agreed that pubs should be allowed to have private rooms for customers to smoke in, while a PMA survey of readers in 2012 found almost seven out of 10 licensees wanted the legislation to be amended to allow smoking rooms in pubs.

Other UKIP pub policies announced included offering tax breaks to smaller breweries to encourage the start-up of micro-breweries and keeping the current excise duty scheme that exempts from duty cider and perry made by small domestic producers.

The party claims these measures would help reverse the trend of pub closures, that has seen 21,000 pubs and tens of thousands of jobs lost since 1980. It said the smoking ban and the alcohol duty escalator are estimated to be responsible for 6,000 pub closures.

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall, who launched the policies, said: “UKIP believe that the pub is the beating heart of our communities. They are integral to the way this country is perceived abroad and are a mainstay of our lives. A good pub can be many things, and a diversity of public houses enriches our society.”

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Keeping up with the news Karl?

Posted by Michael J. McFadden,

Karl Harrison speaks of Farage/UKIP, saying "So the latest ruse is smoking. "

Heh,Karl, nice showing how current you are on the news. I'm 5,000 miles away from you and even *I* know that UKIP and Farage have supported Free Choice since just about the time the UK ban was imposed and they were first forming.

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Posted by Robert Feal-Martinez,

Their you go again attacking a man you don't even know. Unlike you I do know him. He appeals to the men and women in the street because he is one of them.

Yes he was a commodities trader, so what. You show ignorance of the institution you seem to support, the EU.

MEP's are not paid expenses they get allowances which are predetermined by the Commission.

Every MEP gets them.

I do agree on the smoking front of course, i have always said if HMG took the non hypocritical approach and banned tobacco products as a health protection measure I would support it.

As for Nigel no one in UKIP is under any illusions about him becoming PM. What UKIP could do is facilitate the referendum 80% of the population now say they want.

Even the most anti of the news media now recognises the UKIP effect is real.

However living in Canada that shouldn't concern you in any event.

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Thankfully, Farage won't be forming a government

Posted by karl harrison,

Farage is, of course, an arch and, some would say, dangerous manipulator of lowest common denominators. I like the way he wears a variety of costumes intended to appeal to people like our very own Bob Feal-Martinez. He isn't like them but dresses like them so the unthinking might vote for him on the 'people like us' ticket. Farage's protestations about Europe are hypocritical of course as that's where he gets paid and claims his expenses. So the latest ruse is smoking. At best its a stupid habit and of course its a favourite battleground for ridiculous libertarians. "Its my right to kill myself by smoking and my right to have NHS care... blah, blah blah". Noone is going to reintroduce smoking rooms and Nigel isn't going to be prime minister. So that's that then.

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